Thank A Teacher This Week!

Happy Teachers Day images 2015 (1)

Yesterday was the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week for 2016. It goes without saying, we should always thank the teachers. They have a tough job. They are, in a sense, back-up parents for our children. For those who are parents out there, have you ever had that moment with one or more of your kids where you just want to escape to the Bahamas for a few years? We’ve all had those moments. Now imagine a classroom full of those kids, and it isn’t play time. It’s time to learn time. And teachers can’t (and shouldn’t) say a lot of the things parents say to their kids. Why wouldn’t we appreciate them? I’ve given teachers a rough time since my son entered Kindergarten, but they all deserve kudos for multiple reasons. So when you are out and about this week, let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate them. Give them a WaWa gift card, or some flower seeds, or a card, or anything. We have a symbiotic relationship with teachers. We both want our children to succeed. We must appreciate them!