From the Files: PCAST, STEM and Common Core

Here comes the science Common Core standards. What’s the origin of all of this? Did STEM lead the way? Read the PDF, it gives a lot of information!


This is the first post for the “From the Files” Tuesday. I figured it’s about time I begin to share some of the most vital keys of evidence I’ve been able to amass since 2009, when I first began researching the march to adhere, align and embrace national standards for a ‘one-size-fits-all’ educational approach. My goal is to lay the foundation clearly enough, you should be able to easily pick up the interconnections and see where it all is today.

I’ll be honest, this document is long, 130 pages. However, the reason I chose to begin with this one is, simply, it’s one of the foundation pieces that directly details how STEM is the driving force behind CCS (Common Core Standards). After reading this, you should be able to see that CC is a vehicle, or sorts to a bigger purpose. Here’s the PDF file: pcast-stemed-report (if you are…

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