Which Delaware Schools Got An A, A+, or Super A++ for Special Education Populations?

We have reached the schools that have a Grade A for special education population.  These are the schools in Delaware with the highest percentage of special ed populations.  The percentages for the A grades are 12.6% to 14.5% special education students compared to the general population of the school.  This is not a grade based on the quality of the special education at Delaware schools, but rather a special education department’s ability to have IEPs at a school.  Some schools have been accused of giving out IEPs like they are candy but not all of the students may qualify for it.  But I would need much more evidence to see if that was the case.  I think most of these schools are getting it right, especially in light of some of the other schools in the area that have a very low percentage.  After my list of the A schools, I will give a list of the A+ schools, those with 14.6% to 25%, and then the Super A++ schools that most likely cater to a special education population for the vast majority of their student enrollment.  Once again, I am not including early learning schools that only cover pre-school and kindergarten because the vast majority of these pre-school students already have IEP’s and it would impact numbers too much.  As well, I didn’t include schools that are 100% special education, because those are schools specifically designed for certain disabilities (i.e. deaf students) and by law those types of students would have an IEP.

The A Schools

Beacon Middle School: 14.5%

Central Middle School: 12.6%

Dover High School: 13.2%

Georgetown Elementary School: 13.7%

Indian River High School: 14.1%

Lake Forest Central Elementary School: 13.5%

Lake Forest High School: 13.4%

McCollough  Middle School: 12.6%

Mount Pleasant High School: 12.6%

Seaford Central Elementary School: 13.0%

Seaford Middle School: 17.7%

Seaford High School: 13.3%

St. Georges Technical High School: 12.7%

Shortlidge Academy: 14.0%

Shue-Medill Middle School: 12.6%

Smyrna Middle School: 14.3%

Springer Middle School: 14.2%

Sussex Central High School: 14.2%

Talley Middle School: 14.0%

William Penn High School: 12.9%

The A+ Schools

A.I. Dupont Middle School: 17.1%

Bancroft Elementary School: 14.7%

Bayard Middle School: 19.0%

Brown Elementary School: 24.9%

Cape Henlopen High School: 15.0%

Chipman Middle School: 16.5%

Claymont Elementary School: 15.3%

Dickinson High School: 17.5%

East Side Charter: 15.1%

Gauger-Cobbs Elementary School: 13.5%

Harlan Elementary School: 15.0%

John M. Clayton Elementary School: 16.2%

Laurel High School: 17.1%

Mariner Middle School: 18.2%

McKean High School: 20.2%

Millsboro Middle School: 16.6%

Moore (John Bassett) School (Middle): 19.9%

North Smyrna Elementary School: 18.0%

P.S. Dupont Middle School: 14.8%

Prestige Academy (Charter): 19.5%

Read Middle School: 19.9%

Selbyville Middle School: 14.8%

Showell Elementary School: 15.1%

Smyrna High School: 14.8%

Southern Elementary School: 16.1%

Stanton Middle School: 17.3%

Warner Elementary School: 15.4%

William Henry Middle School: 14.8%

The Super A++ Schools:

Gateway Lab School (Charter): 58.7%

Moyer Academy (Charter): 31.3%

Positive Outcomes Charter School: 63.3%

Wallace Wallin School: 54.7%

And that is all the schools in Delaware (public, charter, vocational, alternate) and their special education populations.  I think the Super A++ schools deserve a round of applause.  These schools sole creation was to help kids with disabilities, and from what I have heard about many of these schools, they do an excellent job.

I will be putting all of the schools into one post for easy reference very soon.  But before I do that, I will be doing a post that goes over certain trends and why some schools may be low and why others may be very high.  As well, I will go over which school districts need to focus more on special ed, and which ones seem to be doing very well.  One important thing to remembers is the state average is 13.5%, but it has been predicted by some that as high as 22% of Delaware’s students should have an IEP.  I have already factored in the 100% schools into that average.  What isn’t included is the pre-school/kindergarten schools that are at nearly 100%.

Schools That Got A Grade Of B For Special Education In Delaware

The following schools got a grade of B for special education in Delaware.  Their percentage of special ed students compared to the general population was 10.6% to 12.5%.  The state average is 13.5%, but mitigating circumstances indicate why the average is that high based on schools that solely accommodate special ed students.

A. I. Dupont High School: 11.9%

Banneker Elementary School: 12.2%

Brandywine High School: 12.2%

Brittingham Elementary School: 12.5%

Blades Elementary School: 10.7%

Caesar Rodney High School: 10.8%

Christiana High School: 10.8%

Clayton Intermediate School: 10.9%

Delcastle Technical High School: 11.0%

Eisenberg Elementary School: 11.5%

Fifer Middle School: 12.3%

Frederick Douglas Elementary School: 11.9%

H. B. Dupont Middle School: 12.4%

Highlands Elementary School: 11.5%

Hodgson Vocational Technical High School: 11.1%

Hanby Elementary School: 10.8%

Keene Elementary School: 11.5%

Kirk Middle School: 12.1%

Leasure Elementary School: 11.1%

Lombardy Elementary School: 11.3%

Long Neck Elementary School: 11.9%

Meredith Middle School: 12.0%

Milford Central Academy: 11.9%

Milford Senior High School: 11.2%

Mount Pleasant Elementary School: 11.0%

North Georgetown Elementary School: 11.9%

North Laurel Elementary School: 10.6%

Postelthwait Middle School: 10.8%

Pulaski Elementary School: 11.3%

Redding Middle School: 11.8%

Skyline Middle School: 12.2%

Smyrna Elementary School: 11.8%

Stokes Elementary School: 11.6%

South Dover Elementary School: 10.9%

Towne Point Elementary School: 10.9%

Wilson (Etta J.) Elementary School: 10.7%

So this means 36 public (public, charter, and vocational) schools have a grade of B for special education population.  Not bad at all.  Up next will be the A grades, and find out who got an A+, and who gets the Super A++ awards!  After that I will be breaking this down into some interesting statistics that will make all of this a bit more clear.


Schools in Delaware with a grade of C for Special Education

These grades are solely based on the percentage of the student population that is classified with the state of Delaware as special education.  It in no way determines how good or bad a special education department is or the quality of the special education children receive.  These schools listed today represent the middle of the road for special ed services for exceptional children in this state.  The percentage that gives these schools a grade of C is 8.6% to 10.5%.  Some of these can easily move up to a B with just a few more IEPs next year.  For the charter schools in Kent County, Campus Community School is the top special education charter school (with the exception of Positive Outcomes which specializes in special education).  Way to go CCS!

Baltz Elementary School: 9.1%

Booker T. Washington Elementary School: 9.2%

Brader Elementary School: 9.5%

Brick Mill Elementary School: 10.1%

Campus Community School (Charter): 9.0%

Carrcroft Elementary School: 10.4%

Clayton Elementary School: 9.2%

Delmar High School: 9.0%

Dover Air Force Base Middle School: 9.5%

Elbert-Palmer Elementary School: 8.9%

Fairview Elementary School: 10.3%

Forwood Elementary School: 9.1%

Glasgow High School: 9.5%

Howard High School of Technology: 9.3%

Jones Elementary School: 9.4%

Lake Forest East Elementary School: 9.7%

Lake Forest North Elementary School: 9.3%

Lake Forest South Elementary School: 9.9%

Lancanshire Elementary School: 9.4%

Lord Balt Elementary School: 8.6%

Maclary Elementary School: 8.6%

Maple Lane Elementary School: 9.2%

Marbrook Elementary School: 8.8%

McVey Elementary School: 10.3%

Milton Elementary School: 8.6%

Mispillion Elementary School: 9.1%

Newark High School: 8.7%

North Dover Elementary School: 9.0%

Polytech High School: 9.3%

Richardson Park Elementary School: 10.0%

Richey Elementary School: 8.6%

Ross Elementary School: 9.5%

Silver Lake Elementary School: 10.2%

Stubbs Elementary School: 9.5%

West Seaford Elementary School: 10.5%

Which schools got a D in Special Education in Delaware? Find out here!

I went over which schools got the Big F for special ed yesterday.  Those were schools that managed to have 7% or less of their student population with special education.  Today, I will go over the schools that got a poor D!  These are schools that have 7.1% to 8.5% of their kids with special ed.  Not good no matter how you look at it, but better than an F!

Academy of Dover (Charter): 8.4%

Brandywine Springs School (Elementary): 8.5%

Brookside Elementary School: 8.3%

Castle Hills Elementary School: 7.1%

Concord High School: 7.3%

Delmar Middle School: 7.4%

Downie Elementary School: 7.8%

East Dover Elementary School: 7.1%

Frear Elementary School: 8.4%

Gallaher Elementary School: 7.8%

Hartly Elementary School: 8.1%

Marshall Elementary School: 7.4%

Middletown High School: 8.2%

Mote Elementary School: 7.4%

Oberle Elementary School: 7.6%

Pleasantville Elementary School: 8.5%

Simpson Elementary School: 7.7%

Smith Elementary School: 7.5%

Star Hill Elementary School: 8.4%

Sunnyside Elementary School: 8.5%

Sussex Technical High School: 7.7%

Waters Middle School: 7.7%

West Park Place Elementary School: 7.9%

Only 23 public schools (public, charter and vocational) in Delaware got a D.  Not as bad as the F Club.  Some of you have a very strong chance of getting into the C club or higher during the 2014-2015 Academic Year.  I would make that happen.  You are no Charter School of Wilmington, but you need a great deal of work.  Don’t forget parents, these are based on the Delaware average for special education in our schools, which is at 13.5%.  Some have estimated that as high as 22% of kids in Delaware should be on an IEP due to their exceptionalities.  So as a state, we have a long way to go.

These Schools in Delaware get a big F grade for Special Education

On the school profiles section of the Delaware Department of Education website, you can find what population of a public school in Delaware is special education. The state average is roughly 13.5%. These schools couldn’t even get above 7% of their population having special education. Something is wrong with this picture. Sure, no school can get dead on with an average, but that far below? Either students aren’t getting the services they are entitled, or there is some major cherry-picking going on! So without further ado, here are the schools that get the BIG F in special ed:

Appoquinimonk High School: 5.8%
Aspiras (Charter): 2.4%
Bunker Hill Elementary School: 5.8%
Calloway School of the Arts: 2.5%
Cedar Lane Elementary School: 6.4%
Charter School of Wilmington: 0.6%
Conrad Schools of Science: 2.9%
Delaware College Prep (Charter): 4.1%
Delaware Military Academy (Charter): 2.8%
Downes Elementary School: 6.0%
Dunbar Elementary School: 5.6%
East Millsboro Elementary School: 4.5%
Family Foundations (Charter): 5.9%
Forest Oak Elementary School: 5.8%
Heritage Elementary School: 6.2%
Kuumba Academy Charter School: 5.7%
Lewis Dual Language School: 5.4%
Linden Hill Elementary School: 3.7%
Loss (Olive B) Elementary School: 5.4%
MOT Charter: 5.9%
Newark Charter School: 5.7%
North Star Elementary School: 2.1%
Odyssey Charter: 4.0%
Providence Creek (Charter): 4.4%
Reach Academy (Charter): 5.3%
Shields (Richard A) Elementary School: 7%
Southern Delaware School Of Arts: 6.6%
Sussex Academy (Charter): 4.4%
Thomas Edison Charter: 6.8%
Welch (Major George) Elementary School: 3.0%
Wilbur (Kathleen H.) Middle School: 6.5%
Woodbridge Elementary School: 6.4%

Damn! Going through this I did not expect to find so many. 32 schools in the First State, last in special education. I did not include schools with just pre-K or kindergarten. These are all based on the 2013-2014 academic year. The GIGANTIC F goes to Charter School of Wilmington (CSW) who couldn’t even get into the 1% range with their miserable .6%. What is up with that? Special ed parents: You may run across some of these schools when you are looking at your choice options in Delaware. I would definitely use caution, but that may be what some of these schools want.

If any school wants to comment or send me a reason why their special ed numbers are so low, please do so and I will publish the response.  This information can be found here: http://profiles.doe.k12.de.us/SchoolProfiles/State/Default.aspx