Laurel School District Salaries Over $100,000

One of the southernmost districts in Delaware, Laurel school district’s population is increasing at a modest rate.  But it also has a very large percentage of low-income students.  As well, they are dealing with a fast growing population of English Language learners.  Many districts in western Sussex county face the same issue with property assessments bearing a large burden on local taxpayers.  The way the system was set up decades ago has winners and losers.  For Laurel property owners, they lose big.  As a result, the district is forced to tighten their money belt the same time their population is growing.  Four years ago, only the Superintendent made over $100,000, now there are five. Continue reading

Laurel School District Parents: How To Opt Out & Refuse The Test NOW!!!

This is an important message for ALL Laurel School District parents: You need to opt your child out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  If they started already, do not let them take one more second of this test.  Refuse The Test!  The Network of Public Education is calling for a National Opt Out of these high-stakes tests.  They aren’t effective at all, and everyone knows it.  These tests are being used for nefarious purposes.  Do not believe the lies coming out of Governor Markell and the Delaware Department of Education.  They care more about corporate profit than your child.  It doesn’t matter if your kid is smart.  It doesn’t matter if you are Democrat or Republican.  What matters is your child, and their education.  This is not education.  It is a mockery of education.

Please give the principal of your child’s school a letter on Monday morning indicating you are opting your child out of the Smarter Balanced Assessment.  Let the school know you want your child to receive academic instruction while the other kids are taking the test.  If they tell you that you can’t opt your child out, look them in the eye and say “Yes I can, and if you make my child take this test I will call the police.”  To get support from other parents, please join the Opt Out Laurel Facebook page.

Laurel School District Cuts Superintendent John Ewalds’ Contract Four Months Early

The Laurel School District Board of Education has voted to remove their Superintendent John Ewalds and pay for the rest of his contract through the end of this fiscal year.

Kelli Steele with Delaware 105.9 FM writes:

“Delaware 105-9 has confirmed that because of the recent resolution passed by the Board, Ewald will be relieved of his duties as superintendent, effective March 2.

Current Delmar High School Principal Shawn Larrimore will replace Ewald as superintendent and the current Delmar High School Assistant Principal Ashley Giska will become the assistant superintendent of the Laurel School District, effective July 1.”

Details about Ewalds’ dismissal were not given in the story.  However, on Frank Calio’s blog, Frank Calio wrote Larrimore signed a contract for the supervisor position as early as January 26th.  The Laurel Board did not advertise for the position, and according to Calio:

“Their attorney was asked to find the answer; the answer their is no code, law or anything else that requires an advertised search, it is the boards decision.”

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