Kavips, Read Your Email!


Yes, I am giving a shout-out to my old friend Kavips.  Asking you to read an e-mail I just sent you.  It is important in a way only you and I can understand.

Kavips Ends A Ten-Year Run In The Delaware Blogosphere


I wrote a lot today.  But nothing came close to Kavips final post.

I wasn’t expecting this.  I figured Kavips went to some beach somewhere to recover from the Trump win last week.  But no, Kavips realized it was time to say goodbye.

When I first started blogging, it was Kilroy’s Delaware, Transparent Christina, and Kavips.  I read them all.  Every day.  They were the must-reads when they popped up in my inbox.  Transparent Christina ended earlier this year.  Kilroy has dramatically slowed down on the education output.  And now Kavips is calling it quits.

Kavips was a frequent commenter on this blog.  Things he/she wrote sometimes touched me in ways that meant a lot.  Sometimes, when I was down, Kavips would lift me back up again with a brilliant post over there.

All good things must come to an end.  One day this blog will.  But dammit, I’m going to miss Kavips.  I hope to see comments from the enigmatic blogger.  Or maybe it will be under a new name.  The Delaware blogging world lost one of its big lights tonight…

Kavips, Where Are You? We Need You!


Kavips, you need to come back.  I haven’t seen anything on your blog since January 5th.  We had a major legislative battle with House Bill 50.  While the bill is still in limbo, aka Pete Schwartzkopf’s desk drawer, we need a rally.  I truly don’t think the House Republicans hail Mary bills are going to do anything except waste oxygen.  Once I discovered opt-out, your blog was the first place I found.  With all the Smarter Balanced Assessment questions and all the brilliant posts about why the test sucks so bad.  I don’t know if you are chilling for the winter, or up to other stuff, but your presence is needed!  You need to come back and help make sense out of all this as well as a way forward!  This year is crucial in education.  The reformers are getting their dream lists ready and going to town on them.  And they are happening.  I’m going to come right out and say I need your perspective on all this.  It isn’t just Common Core and SBAC, it’s everything: after-school community centers, the 5Essentials Survey, data going out of our schools like crazy, WEIC, priority schools 2.0, charter audit bills, etc.  We need your take on all this.  Rodel is going full-steam ahead with their copy and paste job of the DOE website into one big look at Delaware schools.  The charter bias is unreal.