RIP Greg Mazzotta


I was just informed Greg Mazzotta passed away on February 3rd.  For those who don’t know who Greg Mazzotta was, I first met Greg a year and a half ago at the first IEP Task Force meeting.  But I had seen many comments Greg wrote on Kilroy’s Delaware.  He was always promoting the Baldridge Program for Leadership, Management and Performance Excellence.  To be honest, I never quite knew what exactly he was promoting, but he was very diligent at getting the word out.

After I met Greg, he became a source for information.  He sent me many, many emails about education happenings in Delaware and across the country.  I would see him at education meetings in Dover, whether it was at Legislative Hall or the Delaware DOE.  My fondest memory of Greg was when he went off on the DOE at a Town Hall meeting about the upcoming school report cards.  I remember meeting with Greg one morning at Governor’s Café.  He was very knowledgeable about Delaware education history and he filled me in on a lot of the players.  From time to time, I would give him a call to get more detailed information.  The last time I talked to him was in January.

I noticed a few weeks ago I stopped getting emails from him.  He was always telling me if he didn’t get the Baldridge program going in Delaware he was going to take up offers from other states.  I assumed that was what happened.  I brought it up to a friend today who informed me he passed away.  In the Delaware education arena, Greg just wanted to be heard.  That is what so many of us want.  Unfortunately, there are too many who don’t want to listen to different ideas.  With that in mind, Greg was very excitable and did not like getting rejected on any level.  He was a very interesting man with a lot of quirks.

I will always remember his words of encouragement and advice.  While I didn’t always agree with everything he said, he had a passion for what he believed in and I respect that.  At heart, he was a good guy.  I used to feel bad when commenters would go off on him over at Kilroy’s Delaware.  Like I said, he wanted to be heard.  While he chose the exact same words most of the time, many of us beat on the same drums.  He was a very in-your-face kind of guy which intimidated some, but I would take a Greg Mazzotta over some of the major education players in Delaware any day of the year.

There will be a memorial service for Greg this Saturday, March 12th, at Christ Episcopal Church on 501 S. State St. in Dover at 11am.

If you would like to leave a tribute or condolences for Greg, please sign his Tribute Wall.