Who Gets The Most Mentions On Exceptional Delaware

Who gets mentioned the most on this blog?  I’m sure the answer is no surprise to my regular readers.  Jack has been mentioned in 29% of my articles.  And since he reads everything that is written about him (so I’ve heard from quite a few), he must be an avid reader of Exceptional Delaware!  Yes, I went through and counted who was mentioned how many times.  I was surprised by some of them.  Many legislators from the General Assembly appear on this list.  Many folks from the Delaware DOE.  Some are even friends.  Many are enemies (in terms of what I stand for and what they stand for).  20% of these people I have never talked to or communicated with!  One of them has only uttered the words “Hi Kevin” to me once even though I have seen this person several times.  Some hate me, some like me, and some have no clue what to think of me.  But one thing is for sure, I know many of these people very well!  Can you pick out the good guys from the bad guys?  And who do you think will show up on the 2015 Who Shot The Blogger game?

For each person, I put their name and how many articles their names appear in. Continue reading “Who Gets The Most Mentions On Exceptional Delaware”