WDEL’s Weasel Of The Year: The Department of Education led by Donna Johnson and Dr. Teri Quinn Gray!!!

Delaware DOE, Donna Johnson, Dr. Teri Quinn Gray, Weasel Of The Year


The Rick Jensen Show on WDEL just announced their Weasel of the Year for 2015, and by a very wide margin, the Delaware Department of Education led by Executive Director Donna Johnson and State Board of Education President Dr. Teri Quinn Gray took the award!  Other nominees were Bloom Energy, Paul Ryan, Governor Markell, and more.  But the DOE won by 27 votes.  Congratulations to the DOE, Donna Johnson, and Dr. Gray!  You certainly worked very hard all year long to get this prestigious honor!

Once Rick gets the podcast of this on the WDEL website I will definitely put it up on here!

Knowing the power structure down at the Townsend Building down in Dover, I have no doubt Donna Johnson will be very irate at being called the leader of the Delaware DOE.  I let Rick know this on the air as well, but I also said they are essentially the same thing.  Maybe not in the formal Delaware State Code, but you know what I’m saying.  The best part?  Even though Governor Markell didn’t win, this is reflective of him because he appointed all of the key personnel at the Delaware DOE.  So this is a double victory in my book!

DE State Board President Dr. Gray Gets Militant About Smarter Balanced Scores & Teacher Evaluations

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I can’t believe I first watched this video last night!  This is classic!  It was the Delaware Education Desk, hosted by Avi Wolfman-Arent of WHYY/Newsworks and the two guests were State Rep. John Kowalko and State Board of Education President Dr. Teri Quinn Gray.  The date was 6/10/15, the same day as the wild and crazy Senate Education Committee meeting on House Bill 50.  When the subject came up about teacher evaluations tied into standardized test scores, Dr. Gray completely loses her composure and gets very angry.  This is the same type of Dr. Gray we saw at the December State Board of Education meeting when the subject of the Christina Priority Schools came up.  What can I say?  Jack Markell picked her…

SBAC: Test, Label, and Punish

Dr. Teri Quinn Gray, Mike Matthews

After the President of the Delaware State Board of Education, Dr. Teri Quinn Gray, was quoted in different media sources about House Bill 50 and opt-out,  former blogger and current teacher and President of the Red Clay Educators Association Mike Matthews shot out an email to Dr. Gray and several others in response to Gray’s comments.  With Mike’s permission, I present his email:

  • Gray Teri
  • Johnson Donna R
  • Murphy Mark
  • Markell Jack
  • Frederika.Jenner@dsea.org
  • Sokola David
  • Townsend Bryan
  • Jaques, Jr Earl
  • Williams Kimberly
  • Matthews Sean
  • jyd1988@gmail.com
  • kevino3670@yahoo.com
  • Kowalko John

Dr. Gray:

Why Parents Should Opt-Out Of “Staying In” To Let Their Kids Take Delaware’s Greatest Failure

Dr. Teri Quinn Gray

Dr. Teri Quinn Gray wrote an editorial in the News Journal called Summing Up the Courage to “Stay In”.  I had to get some Maalox after I read it.  As President of the State Board of Education, Dr. Gray can certainly have her say.  Doesn’t mean I’m going to listen.  My favorite line in the whole letter:

How can we truly know where our strengths and weaknesses lie? How do we improve that which we cannot measure?

Dr. Gray, that’s pretty much how I feel every time I file a FOIA request with the DOE!  Want to know a secret Dr. Gray?  Shhh, don’t tell anyone.  You ready?  Okay.  Here it is.  In the mid 1990’s I lived in Sweden for a couple years.  Apparently, they put this stuff in the alcohol there that makes you automatically throw up if you drink too much.  That scenario is very similar to how most of Delaware feels right now.  The “sunshine” coming from all these opponents of opt-out is so nauseating and unpalatable.  I truly think I would rather stab my eye out with a pencil than to hear about all this gap closing and rigor and standards and the whole “that’s why were looking at other assessments”.

It’s hard for me to value your opinion when you weren’t publicly elected.  At least with the Governor I have a choice.  I’m not sure which was worse, this letter or the speech you gave the Christina Board of Education when the DOE was on their priority schools rampage.  Are you guys done with that hissy fit?  Probably not….

“…to determine which schools should be recognized for success or slated to receive additional support to address low performance…”

If you want to stay in with this dying corporate education reform movement, be my guest.  I’m sure when the new Governor is done with this State Board you will get some STEM job somewhere.   And when Smarter Balanced is a distant memory, just remember, you pushed it.  Delaware’s greatest failure.  As for me, I’m opting out!

If you want to read this, thing, just go here: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/opinion/contributors/2015/06/01/summing-courage-stay/28323159/

If you want to read valid and well thought-out reasons why House Bill 50 is awesome, go here: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/opinion/contributors/2015/05/31/truth-parent-opt-hb/28267687/