Delaware DOE, How They Spent Race To The Top Money, Rodel & Vision Network, and the Priority Zone Charters (cha-ching)

Delaware Race To The Top Funding

Delaware has spent over $100,000,000 of their Race To The Top funding.  Below is a list of how much each school district, vocational, and charter school received.  As well, amounts are listed for the Delaware Department of Education expenditures, subgrants, community involvement, school bonuses and more.  More information needs to be provided by the DOE for how much money went to who for their expenditures, as well as justification for certain expenditures like $3.7 million dollars to The Vision Network.  That’s a lot of money going to a non-profit organization!

I did not include funds received from partnership zone specific schools, but I will have another article based on that shortly.  What is very interesting is the charter schools in Delaware that received some of the highest amounts of funding.  Three charters in Wilmington received three of the five largest amounts.  Those three charters, Kuumba, Eastside and Thomas Edison are all within the priority school zone.  Markell mentioned a couple of them during his priority schools announcement as “schools that work”, as compared to the “failing” six elementary schools.  Were those schools beefed up for the past few years at the expense of the priority schools?

What did Thomas Edison Charter do to receive more than double the amount of funding than the next charter, Eastside Charter?  Also, many of the charters that received high amounts of funding have been known to have either low special education numbers or problems with special education.  If Moyer was does not meet or worse for three years in a row, what qualifies them for receiving more money than many other charters?  What qualified Campus Community and Providence Creek in Kent Country for getting such large amounts?  Why did the Charter School of Wilmington not receive any of the main funds?  You can’t say school size has much to do with it, because Newark Charter School has more than double the amount of students than Thomas Edison.

I’m going to go ahead and apologize in advance to the Delaware DOE. They may be getting a lot of calls tomorrow. I really hope this matches up with their budgets and Delaware Online Checkbook! Here are the numbers.

Delaware Race To The Top Funds

Public School Districts:

Caesar Rodney: $3,232,368
Laurel: $1,247,391
Lake Forest: $1,362,532
Capital: $5,290,106
Cape Henlopen: $2,118,985
Milford: $1,739,619
Seaford: $3,374,483
Smyrna: $1,586,135
Appoquinimonk: $215,946
Brandywine: $4,619,528
Red Clay: $7,473,377
Christina: $6,310,030
Colonial: $4,564,151
Woodbridge: $1,690,299
Indian River: $2,948,387
Delmar: $341,604

Vocational Schools:

New Castle Vocational Tech: $1,244,357
PolyTech: $265,875
Sussex Tech: $339,063

Charter Schools:

Odyssey: $23,872
Delaware College Prep: $17,896
Prestige Academy: $48,588
Positive Outcomes: $46,233
Eastside: $366,302
Campus Community: $183,225
Moyer: $285,329
Edison: $857,377.02
Sussex Academy: $25,528
Delaware Military Academy: $17,108
Family Foundations: $103,282
Kuumba: $166,965
Pencader: $38,827
Academy Of Dover: $191,519
Providence Creek: $220,721
MOT: $17,395
Newark Charter School: $57,523

Department of Education Spending from RTTT:

Delivery Unit Office Funds: $1,942,106
LDS (Longitudinal Data System): $5,863,495
Turnaround Unit Office Funds: $1,634,311
TLEU (Teacher and Leader Effectiveness Unit) $2,285,404
Indirect Costs $290,229
Data Coaches: $8,549,347
Development Coaches: $3,290,551
STEM Residency: $664,875
Leadership/Principal Training $2,376,416
SAMS $673,610
Vision Network/Comp Prof Dev $3,723,119
Teacher Prep Improvement Grants $170,000
Alternate Routes to Certification $2,614,778
Marketing/Community Engagement $304,970
Recruitment Website Portal $244,990
DE Talent Cooperative $1,557,263
Student Growth Measures $541,702
Academic Achievement Awards (School Based Bonuses): $113,594
Supplemental PZ School funds $-
Training and support for DCAS $1,014,754
STEM Coordinating Council $32,200
AP Summer Institutes $345,750
College Readiness (SAT and middle school college readiness): $1,492,943

Partnership Zone Specific School Funding:

Christina PZ funds Stubbs $543,916.53
Christina PZ funds Glasgow $458,637.54
NCCVT PZ funds for Howard $586,991.72
Positive Outcomes PZ funds $599,997.15
Indian River Community engagement subgrant $37,705.00
Seaford community engagement subgrant $47,476.00
Indian River SAMs subgrant $50,000.00
Lake Forest SAMs subgrant $50,000.00
Red Clay SAMs subgrant $50,000.00
Christina SAMs subgrant $49,997.35
Woodbridge SAMs subgrant $50,000.00
New Castle County VoTech SAMs $25,000.00
Red Clay PZ funds for Stanton Middle School $464,471.00
Red Clay PZ funds for Marbrook Elementary $325,035.78
Red Clay PZ funds for Lewis Elementary $417,172.23
Capital PZ funds for Dover H.S. $812,498.00
Laural PZ funds for Laurel Middle School $454,798.92
Christina PZ funds for Bancroft Elementary $291,163.91
CR Middle School Prep $71,201.00
Cape Henlopen Middle School Prep $42,293.00
Laurel Middle School Prep $17,696.80
Delmar Middle School Prep $18,438.00
Christina Middle School Prep $126,155.00
Smyrna Middle School Prep $50,688.78
Seaford Middle School Prep $25,870.00
Brandywine Middle School Prep $60,113.87
Capital Middle School Prep $54,570.00
Colonial Middle School Prep $50,171.08
Woodbridge Middle School Prep $20,056.00
Milford Middle School Prep $34,091.70
Delmar Family & Community Engagement $49,001.78
Lake Forest Family & Community Engagement $2,919.36
Kuumba Academy Family & Community Engagement $28,809.81
Capital Family & Community Engagement Dover H.S. $49,889.00
Red Clay Family & Community Engagement $27,970.81
Christina Family & Community Engagement $47,088.65
Indian River Middle School Prep $78,610.00
Appoquinimink Middle School Prep $29,023.21
Lake Forest Middle School Prep $34,606.00
Red Clay Middle School Prep $145,794.00
Christina William B. Keene Elementary School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Newark Charter School – School Based Bonuses $41,250.00
Indian River John M. Clayton Elementary School Based Bonuses $41,250.00
CR DAFB Middle School -School Based Bonuses $49,979.90
Cape Henlopen-Shields Elementary -School Based Bonuses $49,999.00
Kuumba Academy-School Based Bonuses $17,663.67
CR-Stokes Elementary-School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Milford-Morris Elementary-School Based Bonuses $41,009.68
Indian River-Showell Elementary-School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Appoquinimink High School-School Based Bonuses $17,500.00
Capital-South Dover Elementary-School Based Bonuses $41,250.00
Indian River-Lord Baltimore Elementary-School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Laurel School District -School Based Bonuses $48,928.59
Brandywine-Mount Pleasant Elementary School Based Bonuses $49,710.00
Cape Henlopen-Beacon Middle School -School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Smyrna-School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Cape Henlopen-Rehoboth Elementary School Based Bonuses $49,993.07
Brandywine-Hanby Elementary School Based Bonuses $49,901.00
Wilmington Charter – School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Indian River – Georgetown Elementary School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Indian River – Georgetown Middle School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Indian River – Long Neck Elementary School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Lake Forest -East Elementary School Based Bonuses $48,898.78
Lake Forest – South Elementary School Based Bonuses $49,958.00
NCCVT-St. George’s Technical High School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Capital – North Dover Elementary School Based Bonuses $17,500.00
Sussex Academy School Based Bonuses $41,250.00
Christina-Elbert-Palmer Elementary School Based Bonuses $40,639.34
Christina – R. Elisabeth Maclary Elementary School Based Bonuses $41,245.11
Appo-Middletown High School Based Bonuses $17,435.00
Colonial – Carrie Downie Elementary School Based Bonuses $47,830.65
Lake Forest- Lake Forest North Elementary School Based Bonuses $41,177.36
Caesar Rodney-W.B. Simpson Elementary School Based Bonuses $50,000.00
Indian River-East Millsboro Elementary School Based Bonuses $49,708.00

Other Items Not Specifically Categorized:

Next Generation Science Standards $41,430.50
Common Ground for Common Core $57,777.20
DE-TELL Survey $- ?
Strategic Data Proj SOW $- ?
Unallocated LEA funds (will be disbursed in years 3 and 4)

Grand Total: $100,331,556.52