DHSS: How About Mailing This To Residents Instead Of Sending It Home In Backpacks!

My God!  In a week where the crazy seems to have gone as far as I think it can go, I see this.  And no, I’m not talking about Jack Markell getting honored by the National State Boards of Education today as the education whatever of the year.  I’m talking about this.  Sent home in a kindergartner’s backpack yesterday.  Has DHSS ever heard of something called stamps?  When did students become letter carriers for other state agencies?  And for those who might have read this, did DHSS think what that could mean to a child reading it?  I have seen some jacked up stuff in this state, but this one may take the cake.  Really?  The insensitivity behind this is astounding.  What happens when a student reads this who may not who their father is?  Or has issues with that?  Or doesn’t come from a traditional family?  Or maybe there is some type of protective order in place.  When did state organizations turn into complete assholes?