Teachers In Delaware Beware, Big Brother Is Watching You

So now I’m hearing principals are having mutual friends spy on teachers social media account.  Really?  Has it come to this?  People can’t even have a conversation without someone watching over them?  People can’t object to something they don’t feel is good for students or education without threats hanging over their head?  Welcome to Gestapo Delaware…

Are these directives coming from the district or the DOE?  Or Markell himself?  I can picture people standing around in an office. I don’t like what she said, he needs to go, they can’t do that.  Enough!  If you try to assert yourselves like this, it’s going to cause a lot of problems.  We are becoming exactly what they want us to.  They want us to shut up and divert away from the real issues with their phony proclamations and concerns.  Parents, whether you are a teacher or not, just opt out now.  Take away the ticking time bomb that is destroying education, and it’s not the test.  It’s the companies that are plundering our schools with their products and services.  As someone recently told me, “these are dark times in Delaware.”  Only parents can make the change necessary to fix this.