The Angeline Rivello Email About The Teacher Leader Pilot That Really Ticked People Off

Angeline Rivello, Teacher Leader Pilot Program

A couple of days ago, I posted an article about major controversy with the Delaware Teacher Leader Pilot program.  It was a long article and if there was one thing I’ve been told since the beginning of this blog, some of articles are just too damn long.  I know, I know.  My own wife tells me I babble on and on at times.  So here is the short and sweet:

Angeline Rivello sent out applications for the Teacher Leader Pilot before the Committee to Advance Educator Compensation & Careers even came out with their final recommendations.  The selection committee for this pilot included a member that was also picked for the program.  The DOE didn’t seem to give a crap if the Joint Finance Committee was going to approve this in the final budget for FY2017 either.  I alleged that Rodel was behind the whole thing.  I do this a lot, and I have yet to be proven wrong on a lot of this stuff.  Donna Johnson was included in the email and she damn well knew the committee had not approved it yet which shows collusion with the State Board of Education office.

So you can consider this the radio version of this song, or you can read the extended dance mix linked above.

Breaking News: Angeline Rivello Is The New Chief Of The TLEU At The DOE

Angeline Rivello

Once a genie gets out of a bottle, it doesn’t take long for the rest of the news to follow suit. As I just announced, Chris Ruszkowski, the Chief of the Teacher/Leader Effectiveness Unit at the Delaware Department of Education, is leaving in a couple weeks.  I surmised if the TLEU would be rolled into another group, but as soon as I hit publish, several sources confirmed the title will be replaced by Angeline Rivello.  Some may recognize the name, but she is also Angeline Willen Rivello.

Rivello previously held the role of Director of Teacher & Administrator Quality Development, a subgroup of the TLEU. Prior to the Delaware DOE, Rivello was the manager of Human Resources in the Red Clay Consolidated School District from 2010-2012. So Delaware teachers, don’t get too excited yet. I would assume Ruszkowski’s departure is a good thing, but I truly don’t know much about Rivello aside from some FOIAs I published last year. Her LinkedIn profile shows she was a principal in New Jersey, Florida and New Hampshire from 2002-2001 prior to her Red Clay role.