THIS IS WAR!!! Rodel’s Plan To Take Over Education In Delaware & Dump Special Education, The DOE & Markell Letting This Happen

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I received the below information today, and it is very disturbing.  From what I have heard at various DOE Board Of Education meetings the past few months and what I read about with the Rodel Vision ED25 “Performance Learning” after their conference the other day, I am convinced more than ever that Rodel is just assuming they can do whatever they want because Governor Jack Markell is going to let them.  This is the final straw, and I will be taking a very strong stand against this invasion.  EVERY SINGLE DELAWARE PARENT NEEDS TO AS WELL! 

The below are draft strategies Rodel and their ED25 Committee have formulated in regards to their personalized learning idea that 2Revolutions would be implementing if this goes ahead:

Increase student and parent ownership over learning experiences by creating individual student learning plans that track mastery-based progress from birth to career and clearly articulate skills and knowledge required to progress and graduate. Build on best practices in special education that engage families and students in plan development and make plans accessible online

Build capacity of an organization to support innovation statewide by investing in the development of new school designs or instructional approaches, evaluating what works, and identify mechanisms for scaling ideas with a track record of success. This organization would also be responsible for supporting the change management process for schools and districts and engaging with parents and the public on personalized learning

Support the redesign of schools that provide a broad array of wraparound services to students  (e.g., psychological, counseling, and behavior supports), engage partners to support the whole child and their families, and provide extended hours to expand student and family access to technology

Strengthen use of comprehensive screenings and provide interventions to address student needs and issues at a young age

Create multiple, rigorous learning paths anchored in key industries and the “North Star” and linked to a range of academic and career options that integrate educational and workforce experiences. Provide all students and families with ownership over selecting the pathway that best meets their needs and aspirations

Increase in-person and technology-enhanced counseling supports to engage students at an early age and help students and families navigate the system, targeting those at risk of falling off track or dropping out

Raise the bar on new teacher certification by strengthening pre-service requirements for content and special education expertise. Increase the number of teachers receiving special education certification.

Publicly share performance of teacher preparation programs, both traditional and alternative, and tie state funding of programs to performance. Incentivize programs to train teachers in high-need subject areas (e.g., math, special education) to enable the supply of graduates to better match school demand

Support teachers in developing cultural competencies by ensuring all pre-service teachers are exposed to different school settings during student teaching and providing high-quality professional development for pre-service and in-service teachers on family engagement and working with different communities

Support a robust and transparent evaluation system that enables continuous improvement and incorporates feedback from multiple parties, which could include peers, subordinates, students, and families in educator evaluations

Develop school, district, and state-level scorecards that track growth and performance, utilize multiple mechanisms for measuring performance, and are simple and easy to understand by the public

Incentivize the development of student and parent engagement models that include activities such as student led conferences, academic parent-teacher teams, and parent institutes for advocacy and information development. Moreover, encourage the use of communication strategies between schools and families that is two-way and utilizes a variety of in-person and technology based approaches

Require or incentivize employers to allow employees to take time for school engagement activities

Update student counting procedure to count students more than one time per year in order to better account for student transitions, to support student needs identified throughout the school year, and to incentivize attendance

Publicly share district and school budgets as well as key district/school financial performance metrics that are accessible and understandable to the public

This is it!  This is Rodel’s takeover of Delaware schools.  This is the overhaul the Delaware DOE and Governor Markell have been planning for years and Rodel is the waiter bringing it to the parent table.  But where is the legislative input on these ideas?  If every student has their own personalized learning plan, what does that do to the federally mandated IDEA Individualized Education Plan?  By essentially giving every student their own IEP they have just negated special education in one fell swoop.  Yes, these are drafts, but the reality won’t be much different.  I called this one last summer:

If you like your kid playing sports, or doing the school play, or playing an instrument in band, or joining a club after school, then you need to be against this.  Here’s why, and make sure you take the time to go the links and read about your child’s future.  The other day I posted this article:

This is just more evidence that Rodel & Markell want to do away with school buildings and make everything online and from home in the future.  And I am sure they will profit greatly from this endeavor.  Or allow their corporate buddies to.

All these groups in Delaware: The GACEC, PIC, Delaware PTA, DSEA and anyone who endorses this should be IMMEDIATELY DISBANDED!!!  You are here for the people, not whatever Markell and Rodel want.  You have been serving them for years, and it stops NOW!!!!  We don’t pay tax dollars and union dues so you can just drink the Kool-Aid and shove it down unsuspecting parents throats.

Every single legislator needs to convene and seriously consider impeachment proceedings against Governor Jack Markell and get rid of Secretary of Education Mark Murphy and cut state funding to all of these “non-profit” groups and education think tanks.  If not I will make it my mission in life to get as much support as I can and make sure this does not happen.

Here’s the deal folks, if you thought I was motivated before, that was NOTHING!  I will take this all the way to Washington D.C. if I have to.  We have spent millions and millions of dollars in this state on NOTHING but ideas that financially benefit groups like Rodel and all their idiotic Vision groups.  They have allowed you to think education is messed up to justify their money-making schemes.  Rodel and the Delaware Community Foundation are run by millionaires.  Look at all their boards and their staff.  They are all aligned together.  Markell is aligned with all of them AND the US DOE and Arne Duncan.

Their Common Core invasion of America has allowed them to put teachers in the crossfire over standardized testing scores and it monopolizes educators’ time with professional development and lesson plans based on a curriculum they ALL HATE!!!  Students hate it too.  Whenever you hear someone really enthusiastic about this crap it’s because they belong to one of these Markell groups whose sole purpose is to sell you on these agendas.  NO MORE!  SAY NO!

Go to these town hall meetings the DOE is planning and RAISE HELL!!!!!

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The citizens of America can now see where education is heading in many states.  After seeing all the tweets coming out of the Rodel sponsored Vision ED25 Conference today, I did some research on this personalized learning they were talking about. Welcome to the world of 2Revolutions. As seen on their website, this is their mission statement:

2Rev is a national education design lab that designs and launches Future of Learning models and helps catalyze the conditions within which they can thrive. We partner with forward-thinking governments, funders, nonprofits and entrepreneurs to innovate across the birth-to-26 Human Capital Continuum. If you are involved – or want to become involved – in building the Future of Learning, we hope you’ll reach out. Please visit us at

So who are they partnered with? Only the following: Council of Chief State School Officers, Apple, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Charter School Growth Fund, Cisco, Ford Foundation, Frameworks Institute, FutureLab, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, IBM, Ideas Lab, Immersive Education Initiative, iNACOL, Innosight Institute, Intel, KnowledgeWorks, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Microsoft, Nellie Mae Education Foundation, NewSchools Venture Fund, Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Stupski Foundation.

Bryan Setser, one of the lead partners of 2Revolutions, gave his presentation to stakeholders today at the ED25 event at the University of Delaware.  This is not his first rodeo in terms of brainwashing an oblivious public to the master plan.  In fact, Setser and the other partner behind 2Revolutions met with Rodel in March of this year, and this came out of it:

This is the future of education, a complete and utter takeover by corporations, which will eventually end schools as we know them and students will learn in a virtual environment at home on a computer. Social interaction will be eliminated. Extra-curricular activities will become a thing of the past. Special needs students will not be tied to a curriculum they can’t keep up with. Everything will be at the speed of the student, and their own motivation for how fast or slow they want to go.

This is what Common Core and standardized testing has been all along, a game of data which will be used to create this new method of learning. The longitudinal data plans have already created a huge warehouse of information on students. All the major technology players are already on board. If you look at 2Revolution’s website, the entire plan is right in front of you.

For example, a subset of industry organizations – including the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Council of Chief State School Officers, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, and the Stupski Foundation – appear to be coalescing around the need for students to:

• Master core academic content;

• Think critically and solve complex problems;

• Work collaboratively;

• Communicate effectively; and

• Learn how to learn.

In addition, a global research collaborative spearheaded by Intel, Cisco and Microsoft – Assessment & Teaching of 21st Century Skills (AT21CS), which includes participation from 60 of the world’s top education research institutions and over 250 researchers, practitioners and industry leaders – has captured similar priorities with different language. AT21CS advocates that students must develop:

Ways of thinking: creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and learning;

Ways of working: communication and collaboration;

Tools for working: information and communications technology (ICT) and information literacy; and

Skills for living in the world: citizenship, life and career, and personal and social responsibility.

The very first thing they have to do in order for this to be implemented is to break up the teachers unions. We can see this happening across the country as public school district teachers are attacked on many fronts. At the same time, they are doing the following:

» Alignment to national and state standards (i.e., Common Core);

» Depth and choice in scope and sequence (e.g., ability to customize for individual learners as opposed to forcing all students down the same pathway);

» Student-centered/engaging;

» Performance-based learning opportunities;

» World-relevant content and context;

» Content appropriateness;

» Platform agnostic/technology interoperability; and

» Value, cost-effectiveness and flexible pricing

which will lead to:

» Strategies to leverage traditional assessments where appropriate;

» Ability to integrate embedded, “inside the activity” assessments that gauge proficiency within learning activities;

» Strategies to assess deep conceptual learning (e.g., demonstrations of understanding);

» Developing appropriate assessments for project-based learning modalities (e.g., performance assessments);

» “Stealth” assessments (e.g., learner analytics from keystroke data that capture learner tendencies);

» Third-party validation of micro-formative assessments to confirm content and skill mastery in a digital context; and

» Desire for new tools or platforms that enable schools to aggregate assessment data from across multiple learning modalities and activities.

So what happens to the educators of America’s children? Their role will be completely redefined:

» Clarity on the range of new job configurations in this emerging field (e.g., certified versus uncertified; full- versus part-time; “teacher” versus “coach,” “guide,” “facilitator,” “concierge,” or other);

» A matrix delineating new roles, responsibilities and relationships among educators;

» A deeper understanding of the economics and cost implications of educator roles;

» Competencies against which these educator roles can be recruited, selected, on-boarded and managed;

» Clear career pathways that promote and retain effective educators;

» Resources to support more effective training and professional development (e.g., articles, videos, site visits around promising practice);

» Profiles of effectiveness in “blended” models; and

» Awareness of the need to develop a new culture and understanding about the nature of learning and the role of educators within it.

They even have a page on their website devoted to the role of state leaders:

Everything the Delaware Department of Education has done in the past few years is all leading to this.  Now we know what Rodel’s role in this has been and why it was essential for Governor Markell to have Secretary of Education Mark Murphy strategically placed into his role at a very specific time.  If you go through 2Revolutions website, the entire picture will form.  These are the answers to questions people didn’t even know they were asking.  This is the endgame for students.  This is the final destination of the agendas and policies thrust upon the public with no idea of what is really going on.  The only question remaining is if we let this happen.