These are the articles I’ve written about Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting, the former Superintendent of Indian River School District, and Patrick Miller, the former Chief Financial Officer of Indian River.  I felt it was best to have a timeline of what I’ve written about the outright theft of education funds from Miller and Bunting’s cover-up of that thievery.

4/27/16 Patrick Miller Put On Administrative Leave

5/26/16 Miller “Retires” From Indian River

7/1/16 Bunting Screws Delaware Teachers

9/3/16 Indian River Cuts Budget

9/5/16 Rumors Fly About Indian River Budget Woes

10/7/16 The Noose Tightens Around Indian River

10/27/16 State Auditor Tom Wagner Releases Media Advisory About Indian River

11/3/16 Indian River Defends Itself Before Referendum

11/15/16 Where Is The Auditor’s Report?

11/17/16 State Auditor Releases Audit Inspection On Indian River

11/22/16 Indian River Loses Referendum After Audit Investigation Comes Out

12/30/16 Carney Picks Bunting For Secretary Of Education

1/12/17 Carney Reveals Why He Picked Bunting

1/25/17 Delaware Senate Ignore Indian River Financial Issues During Bunting’s Confirmation Hearing

2/27/17 State Auditor Releases Follow-Up To Audit Investigation

3/2/17 Indian River Wins 2nd Referendum Attempt

4/27/17 The Secret Sauce Coming To Education Funding

7/29/17 No Charges Against Patrick Miller Yet

8/29/17 The Backdoor Meeting

11/8/17 Regulation 225 Explodes In Delaware

12/21/17 Any Secretary Of Education Does The Bidding Of The Governor

7/2/18 Whatever Happened To Patrick Miller?

7/21/18 How The State Auditor Race Ties In With Indian River & Patrick Miller

7/22/18 Patrick Miller: From Brandywine To IRSD To IRVFC

7/25/18 The Parent Complaint Against Miller And The Cover-Up

7/26/18 The Fallout From The 105.9 Story & Bunting’s Non-Response

7/28/18 My Secret Code Post About What I Revealed On 7/30/18. Can You Crack It?

7/30/18 Bunting Knew Since 2008 Miller Was Stealing From The District

8/1/18 My “Retire and Come Clean” Challenge To Bunting

8/2/18 Bunting Statement On Regulation 225 Not Moving Forward

8/2/18 Governor Carney Praises Bunting But Ignores Her Lies

8/4/18 DOE Employee Gets Off Easy For Stealing Grant Funds

8/6/18 105.9 Article On Bunting Disappears In Google Search

8/6/18 Governor Carney’s Office Responds With Firm “No Comment”

8/12/18 Bunting’s Hypocrisy In Firing DOE Employee Given Her Own Actions Indian River

8/15/18 The Email To State Legislators & Others About Patrick Miller & IRVFC

8/16/18 Patrick Miller Is Not On Delaware DOJ List Of Indicted/Prosecuted Fraudsters…Why?

8/17/18 Susan Bunting’s Lunch Date

8/20/18 Attorney Document Shows Huge Issues With State Agency Roles In Indian River Audit Investigation

8/23/18 Delaware DOE Calls Police Over “Suspicious Man” At DOE Building

8/24/18 The People Respond Over DOE Incident With “Suspicious Man” At DOE

8/24/18 Rating The Delaware DOE Under Secretary Susan Bunting’s Reign

8/25/18 Guest Post On How Susan Bunting “Murphy’d” Herself