The following is a list of special education advocates in Delaware, and the areas in the state they will service. My recommendation is to have an advocate at ANY IEP meeting, but that is a personal decision. Please keep in mind some of these folks may not be available because they already have many cases they are helping out with. If, for some reason, you are unable to obtain an advocate, just remember two things: Never sign the IEP until you can take it home, look it over, and perhaps get advice. If there is something you don’t agree with, let the case manager on the IEP team know. Try to record every single IEP meeting. You can get a recorder as cheap as $20.00 at several retailers.

Bill Doolittle: State of Delaware, email:

Diane Eastburn: State of Delaware, email:

Lisa Frankel: Newcastle County, email:, Board Certified in Educational Advocacy, Bio: My professional life has always revolved around education.  I was a general education teacher in Delaware for many years, working in both private and public schools in Wilmington.  I am certified in regular education, special education and in school counseling in Delaware. My M.Ed is in school counseling.  My advocacy training was through the National Special Education Advocacy Institute (2013) and the Institute of Special Education Advocacy at the College of William & Mary Law School (2014).  Although I work with families in all areas of special education, I am the most familiar with students with mild language-based learning disabilities.  I am the founder of the Delaware branch of Decoding Dyslexia.

Judy Hubbard: Sussex and Kent Counties, email: website:

Devon Hynson: Newcastle County, email:

Maureen Keeney: State of Delaware, email:, Bio: I am a certified Special Ed and Reading Specialist . I ran IEP meetings for three years at the Detention Center. I have been trained through University of Delaware as an IEP Facilitator. I am also signed up for a Training in May 2016 as an Advocate with Wrightslaw Special Education Law Group. This takes place in Maryland for two days. I am experienced with Secondary Students, worked at Howard and Delcastle,  and would love to help in any way I can. 

*If you are an advocate and WANT to be on this list, please email me at

*If you are an advocate on this list and do not want your name on here please email me at

5 thoughts on “DELAWARE ADVOCATES”

  1. Hello Maureen,
    I would love to meet with you to review my daughter’s IEP plan and to talk about planning for her if you can please contact me I really would appreciate it 302-354-6986. Phyllis


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