Executive Director: Kevin Ohlandt

Copy Editor: Kevin Ohlandt

Opinion: Kevin Ohlandt

Legislative Liason: Kevin Ohlandt

Financial Analyst: Kevin Ohlandt

School Board Audio Transcriptionist: Kevin Ohlandt

Social Media Coordinator: Kevin Ohlandt

Contact Handler: Kevin Ohlandt


I am a father in Delaware of a special needs child with Tourette and associated co-morbidities.  I am against bad education funding, bad special education, corporate education reform, Common Core, standardized tests that shame, label and punish schools, competency-based education, bad education laws, personalized learning in an ed-tech environment, non-transparency, and any legislator, politician, person, or company that pushes the above.

Special education is the heart of this blog.  I write about local and national issues with special education, and facts about different disorders. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of discrimination against special needs children and I feel this is a very important subject as well.

If you are a special needs parent and want your story told, let me know.  If you are a special education teacher, and you have advice or want to be interviewed, let me know.  I will interview anyone who has some type of expertise in anything special needs related or important matters in Delaware education.  I do take guest posts so feel free to submit them.  But please let me know if you want your name published or if you wish to be anonymous.  If you have any questions, ideas, or concerns, feel free to email me  at kevino3670@yahoo.com.

I welcome any comments on my blog.  For first time commenters there may be a delay because Word Press likes to weed out spam, but  I do my best to get them approved as soon as possible.  Please play fair and don’t be racist, discriminatory or resort to extreme foul language. I welcome disagreement and I will tolerate a lot, but don’t let it get out of hand!


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