The Aspen Institute: The Futurists Who Turned Education Into A Corporate Game

Where are decisions made that affect every single person in America, as well as the rest of the world?  The Aspen Institute seems like a good place to look. I first came across the Aspen Institute when I was researching … Continue reading

The Aspen Institute: How They Shape Delaware Education & Reap The Profits

The Aspen Institute is a think tank that deals with global issues with a very large emphasis on education.  Eight citizens of Delaware are part of its fellowship program: Governor Jack Markell, Secretary of Education Mark Murphy, Dr. Paul Herdman of … Continue reading

The Judases On The Rodel Teacher Council & How They Changed Public Education Forever In Delaware **UPDATED**

Establish a “critical mass” of support for CBL in DE and leverage supportive voices to raise awareness about CBL A group of Delaware teachers, in conjunction with a few Superintendents, principals, a high-ranking member of the Delaware PTA, the executive … Continue reading

New Legislation Uses “Cyber Attack Threat” To Shield Delaware’s Student Data Mining Tactics

Delaware Governor Jack Markell sure is going out with a bang.  New legislation introduced a week ago in the Delaware Senate all but ensures any citizen requesting information on student data mining in Delaware will be met with a resounding … Continue reading


Rodel Foundation of Delaware/Vision Coalition/Student Success 2025/Delaware Business Roundtable/Longwood Foundation: 11/19/14: The huge and long history of Rodel and Governor Markell: 11/22/14: Paul Herdman of Rodel emails me about 11/19 article and my response: 11/28/14: Social media reaction … Continue reading

Governor Markell’s Secret Weapons Against House Bill 50 Veto Override Exposed!

The manipulation behind the scenes with House Bill 50 is never-ending!  Delaware Governor Jack Markell vetoed the bill in July but he knows the General Assembly will attempt to override his veto.  To that end, he has been working feverishly … Continue reading

Rodel’s Dr. Paul Herdman Is Getting Smart!

Dr. Paul Herdman with the Rodel Foundation of Delaware recently made a Top 50 list for a company called Getting Smart.  The list is like a who’s who of corporate education reformers.  Released on September 28th, the list also includes … Continue reading

The Arrogance And Hubris Of Emperor Markell and His Education Mafia

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s a bully.  Delaware Governor Jack Markell is that, and so much more.  He truly believes this is HIS Delaware.  That all decisions he makes are the right ones, and if they … Continue reading

Rodel’s Paul Herdman Made Over $343,000…And Our Children Lose More Education Everyday

This article will disgust you.  It disgusted me when I read their latest tax form, filed in July of this year.  The Rodel Foundation and all their education propaganda.  I have a new take on this.  We need to boycott … Continue reading

Great Oaks Charter Charging $100 A Seat To Hear Joel Klein Talk About Education

I really had to crack up when I saw this.  For those of you who have never heard of Joel Klein, he is the former New York City Chancellor of Schools and currently sits as the Chief Executive Officer for … Continue reading

The Very Important Answer To The Question Nobody Asked!

How did Delaware Governor Jack Markell come up with the whole “assessment inventory” thing at Howard High School on March 12th, 2015?  Was this the brainchild of the DOE and Markell?  Or did an outside consultant actually come up with … Continue reading

Parent Press Conference Went Very Well, Big House Bill 50 News!!!!

The Parent Press Conference on Delaware Education today went amazingly well!  About 25-30 parents came out, and many of the major Delaware media outlets were on hand as well.  Some parents from up north were unable to make it do … Continue reading


Markell, Parents, and Statewide Review of Educational Opportunities AnnouncementArticles on Delaware Governor Jack Markell in Exceptional Delaware: Markell, McKinsey and Sir Michael Barber Markell and the Alan Jackson Problem Do Markell and Murphy Wants Kids To Do Bad On Smarter … Continue reading

Delaware Race To The Top, Hedge Funds & Millions Wasted: The Story of Rodel, Markell, Charters & The Vision Network

Dr. Paul Herdman  and Governor Markell have a long history in Delaware in the 21st Century.  Their collaborations have resulted in the biggest changes to education the state has seen in decades.  Name any education change since Markell became Governor, and … Continue reading