Welcome to The Season of Myths


Hello reader. I have not written on this blog in some time. Writer’s block or just busy? It doesn’t really matter. The important part is I’m back to writing. I began this blog in 2014 under the title Exceptional Delaware. In 2021, I moved to New York so the whole Delaware part became irrelevant. For the past couple of years, it was The Exceptional Infinite. I didn’t write much during this time.

The Season of Myths. One of my favorite comic book storylines of all times is “A Season of Mists” from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. From issues #21-28 of the landmark series, Dream (aka The Sandman, Morpheus) must deal with a gift from the ruler of Hell, Lucifer. What begins as a redemptive notion quickly changes into something bigger. I’m sure I’ll touch on this storyline in the future but for now it is the inspiration for the latest title change of this blog.


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