Where is Pete Schwartzkopf Hiding?


Delawareans want action and the only one who can provide it is Delaware Speaker of the House Peter Schwartzkopf. The issue at hand: the impeachment of Delaware Auditor of Accounts Kathy McGuiness.

Last Friday, McGuiness was given three guilty verdicts in the Delaware trial of the year. Things like conflict of interest and all that fun jazz. Without going the whole legal route other blogs have done it comes down to this: the only option to get rid of McGuiness is impeachment through the Delaware General Assembly. Which has to begin with Speaker Pete.

The problem is Pete is best friends with Kathy McGuiness. He has a VERY personal (and this is the ironic part) conflict of interest here. Nothing romantic or tawdry but a very deep friendship. I get it. It’s Delaware. But when your bestie is thrice guiltied the right thing to do is act.

This is my suggestion, and I even commented on Pete’s Facebook page with it, he needs to recuse himself from this messy affair. His pal Val Longhurst publicly said McGuiness needs to resign. She should lead the impeachment process and Pete can sit on the sidelines. It’s just the right thing to do Pete. I know we haven’t always seen eye to eye on things but you MUST do something. If you can’t see that your vision is extremely cloudy when it comes to Kathy I would highly recommend standing in front of a mirror and do some massive reflecting.

In the meantime, Kathy is going to appeal with her superstar attorney and has publicly stated she won’t resign. I don’t think it is in her to quit. It kind of reminds me of that scene in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King where Denethor is pretending nothing is wrong. His city is about to be sacked and destroyed. The legions of evil are at his door. He sends his son to the front lines to seemingly be killed. He is just that delusional. His power is gone but he refuses to give up. Once he does realize the end is here he throws himself into a fire, catches on fire, and throws himself off a ledge to fall hundreds of feet to his death. I’m not saying that’s what Kathy McG should do. I’m just speaking of the mentality here.

McG keeps plugging along with her “reports” on Facebook and Instagram. Her cheerleaders basically come on and say “Just what Delaware needs” or “You’re the best Kathy”. It’s a big dog and pony show with snake oil for sale.

I also wanted to take the time to thank the following for their excellent reporting of the McG trial: Delaware Liberal, Blue Delaware, WDEL, Bay to Bay News and the News Journal.