Kathy McGuiness Gives The Middle Finger To Delaware And Now The General Assembly MUST Impeach, McG Using The Darius Brown Excuse (But She Is Right On That)


Delaware Liberal posted a statement from Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness where she announced the will not resign her position despite multiple charges against her. In the letter she states she is innocent until proven guilty and if other members of the General Assembly don’t have to step down when they are accused of something why should she?

Kathy McGuiness vigorously proclaims her innocence and denies the charges against her. She firmly rejects the calls for her resignation or leave of absence and will continue to do the job she was elected to do.

Hey, McG, I’m pretty sure the job you were elected to do was NOT to hire your daughter and her friend and then continue to pay your daughter when she wasn’t even working. I’m even more certain we didn’t elect you (I never voted for her) to bully and intimidate and spy on your own employees. But I digress.

She encourages her fellow elected officials to afford her the same level of patience they have displayed for our justice system, and with members of the General Assembly accused of violent crimes, until guilt or innocence are adjudicated in a Court of law.

The member of the General Assembly McG is referring to is State Senator Darius Brown. Back in May the good Senator decided to punch a woman in the face over some argument on social media. In a restaurant. He turned himself in and was arrested. The response from the Delaware Senate? Remove him from his position as Chair of the Judiciary Committee.

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I have to agree with McG. Brown should have resigned, first and foremost. But when he didn’t, the General Assembly should have acted. By not acting they have set a precedent whereby an elected official can do bad things and stay in office.

What Brown did was extremely violent and unconscionable. I can’t fathom how Delaware State Senators can sit in the same room with him. When the McG news broke earlier this week many commenters on social media said “What about Darius Brown?” and they were absolutely right to express that concern.

The differences between McG and Brown are many. One, Brown is one of 21 State Senators and one of 62 members of the General Assembly. He can’t unilaterally make decisions that impact every citizen of the state. McGuiness can. She is the top dog in the Auditor of Accounts office.

In my opinion BOTH should be removed from office. And it should happen NOW. I’m a registered Democrat but that doesn’t mean I support bad behavior from my own party. Yes, McG’s party loyalties change like the wind blows. Which bears a mention- where is the Delaware Republican party’s statement on McG? Why are they being silent? You would think they would treat McG as a human pinata for their own agenda slamming Democrats. Instead we get crickets.

McGuiness holding onto her position is far more dangerous than Brown holding a State Senate seat. She makes decisions that impact Delaware tax dollars all the time. She is supposed to be the watcher at the gate but instead she opened the gate for her own ambitions and agendas and let her own selfish and narcissistic actions taint the office.

Updated, 9:38am:

Apparently some members of the Delaware Republican party (no one from the Delaware General Assembly) gave a weak-ass response to the McG saga. Jane Brady, the Republican Party Chair for Delaware, said the allegations are a “very serious breach of public trust”. And some other guy who I’ve never heard of named Joe Fulghum, who is the House Republican spokesman, told the News Journal no one should rush to judgment before all the facts are laid out. In a sane world they would call for her ouster. But I have no doubt McG is working all the angles and trying to broker deals for support from the Delaware GOP. They are CRAZY if they want to entangle themselves in her hot mess!!!!

Updated again, 9:49am:

My profuse apologies to State Rep. Gerald Brady. I did not mean to slight you. You need to step down too buddy! While you aren’t accused of actual crimes like Darius Brown and Kathy McGuiness, your racist remarks about Oriental women should have you resigning. But nope, your buddies in House leadership seem to think punishing you with redistricting maps is just. Don’t think so.