Muzzle Alert: Capital HR Director and Union President Put On Radio Silence, A Very Clever Veiled Threat, & When A Termination Is Not A Termination

WDEL followed up on their story about the Capital School District and Dover High School today. It piggybacked off the article I put up a week ago which mainly dealt with the Capital Educators Association’s role in the Covid/ADA accommodations debacle. In the original article from WDEL there were extensive quotes from Capital’s Human Resources Director Mary Cooke and the CEA Union President, Lisa Whiteman. For the new article, instead of Cooke, Interim Capital Superintendent Dr. Sylvia Henderson was given the microphone. As well, Whiteman “declined comment” and instead free reign was given to the Capital UniServ Director Mike Hoffman who is employed by the Delaware State Education Association (DSEA).

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Christina Superintendent Dan Shelton And Board Members Get Bad Apple Award From Badass Teachers Association

Dan Shelton had a bad month in January. Not only did he have to deal with teachers holding a press conference against school reopenings during a board meeting but he also compared those teachers to the Capitol rioters. For the last part Shelton earned a Bad Apple award for January, 2021 from the Badass Teachers Association. In addition, Christina board members Claire O’Neal and Keeley Powell won the award as well.

Christina School District Board Members Claire O’Neal, Keeley Powell and Superintendent Dan Shelton in Wilmington, Delaware compared educators peacefully exercising their first amendment rights in concern for safety to a violent, ignorant, unlawful mob of insurrectionists.

I would say congrats to Shelton, O’Neal, and Powell but I think the award speaks for itself. Shame on them. Winning friends all over the place, aren’t you Dan?

The Badass Teachers Association has a mission statement and they are my kind of people!

We, the members of the Badass Teachers Association, reject racially and socially oppressive profit-driven education reform and through our advocacy demand:

  • Equitable student driven policies and systems that are also equitably funded to meet the needs of ALL students and schools, that include highly qualified and certified educational professionals
  • Elimination of high stakes standardized testing as we recognize its roots in racism, arbitrary cut scores, and value-added accountability systems used to evaluate children, educators and their schools
  • Educator evaluations designed to grow professional practice, without punitive measures
  • Protection of balanced, student-centered curriculum which includes, but is not limited to, Performing and Visual Arts, Physical Education, Library, World Languages, Ethnic Studies developed with/by local affinity groups, Career and Technical Education, Unstructured Play and Recess
  • Developmentally sound best practices and programs which augment the experiences of students with special needs, LGBTQIA+ students, students with complex trauma, students who experience institutional racism, students marginalized for socio-economic status, immigrants and those learning the English language
  • Educator-designed policies, standards, and curricula that are supported by peer-reviewed research, as well as input from experienced classroom experts that includes voices from BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, and dis/abled educator communities.  
  • Academic freedom for educators and students, thus ensuring the best possible learning, teaching, and working environment
  • Excellent public education for all students, regardless of economic status, race, nationality, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or dis/ability
  • School cultures rooted in equitable practices including the hiring and retention of BIPoC educators, that honor the culture and history of all students and strive to heal and transform past and current oppressive systems
  • Safe and equitable technology – recommended screen time and content limits ensuring safe privacy practice for students and educators
  • Safe, clean, well-maintained, uncrowded professional workplace environments, free from bullying and harassment of students and educators as well as freedom from threats of violence
  • Collective bargaining rights, due process, and job protections
  • Legislation that unequivocally directs accountability and transparency for charter schools, and maintains the vision of public funds for public institutions, disqualifying vouchers, rebates, and tax credits that divert those funds
  • Democratically elected school boards that solicit and openly work to include the input of the entire community they serve

Capital & Indian River Websites Down, Sussex Tech’s Only For Staff Access

It appears a few school districts in Delaware are having website issues. Both Capital and Indian River’s websites are showing an error message. Sussex Tech’s opens but you have to log in as a staff member. I reached out to the Capital School District on their Facebook page and they responded with the following:

Our website provider is experiencing a nationwide outage. You may see multiple school district websites not working this morning. They are working to resolve it.

I did a check on ALL the district websites and those three were the only ones that aren’t working. This has been going on since late last evening. Hope the problem gets fixed!

Updated, 10:31am: Capital’s Office of Technology reached out to me and gave the same explanation but did want to add that this does not affect the platforms used for teachers and staff so this will not affect instruction. The websites are still down as of this writing.