Academy Of Dover’s Very Awesome Snow Day Message

Snowmageddon 2021 is upon us. For many students that will mean no school tomorrow. For Academy of Dover students that came with a very special message about WHY tomorrow is a snow day!

I remember the absolute excitement at the thought of a snow day when I was a child. I don’t remember wearing my pajamas inside out, I don’t think I ever heard of that until I was an adult. However, had I known and thought it may work, I most certainly would have done it. Our children have had quite the year. They’ve been living through a pandemic for 12 months. After careful consideration, and driving up through our Academy areas that our buses travel, we will be honoring the wishes of our children and granting a snow day. Please be safe and take time to HAVE FUN tomorrow. It looks like this weather will turn to rain perhaps at some time in the early morning, but then again to snow. I’ll keep you all posted about Tuesday. For tomorrow, the remote learning assignment is all about self care and letting our children be children. Parents and caregivers, I hope you also can find a way to enjoy our snow day.

I sincerely hope all school districts and charter schools in Delaware make tomorrow a snow day. It is the right thing to do. Let the children play! Michele Marinucci rocks!

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