State Senator Dave Lawson Wants Smyrna Superintendent Patrik Williams To Resign

State Senator Dave Lawson is calling for Smyrna Superintendent Patrik Williams to resign. Lawson reached out to the Smyrna Education Association, the Smyrna School District Board of Education, and Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting asking for their help in getting Williams to resign. He will reportedly be speaking to the Delaware State Education Association to make the same request to them.

The heart of the issue appears to be a combination of things. Last summer Williams found himself in a mess due to Tweets he put out calling for retaliation against Trump supporters. Earlier last fall he apologized during a board meeting for his comments. In addition, some in the Smyrna community are upset about curriculum material the district began using this school year. They are saying the parent company of the textbooks is run or supported by Black Lives Matter.

I will provide more details on this as they come in what will assuredly result in some turmoil in the Smyrna School District. The decision to “make someone” resign rests on the shoulders of Patrik Williams. It would take the Smyrna Board to terminate his contract if they are able to do so.

Updated, 3:16pm:

Apparently the curriculum in question is run by a company called Akoben which some in the Smyrna community believe is a Marxist term meaning “War”. The publishing company called American Reading Company and is providing the textbooks, according to sources, supports Black Lives Matter.

I’m just reporting what I’m hearing folks. The Smyrna community seems to be deeply divided on this issue at present with half supporting Williams and the other half supporting Lawson.

19 thoughts on “State Senator Dave Lawson Wants Smyrna Superintendent Patrik Williams To Resign

  1. Did you do any research before posting this? It is apparent that the Senator didn’t do any before baselessly calling for resignations.

    Akoben is a company that the Smyrna School District along with many other districts in Delaware contracted with to have teachers trained in restorative practices. The basis of restorative practices is to build relationships in order to restore communities and repair harm. Akoben does not provide curriculum or textbooks for students.

    It doesn’t stop there, while short your entire post is a mess. Black Lives Matter is a decentralized political and social movement that doesn’t have any leaders. I don’t think that they have a publishing company.


  2. Some inaccuracies. Be careful to be accurate, Kev. Akoben is an Adinkra word that means “call to war”, “battle cry”. The Akoben blog outlines how to inauthenticate dissenters and references a Call to the Battlefield. We need peace and safe schools. Not about Trump or BLM. It is time to heal. In fact, sign this petition if you and others stand for Safe and Appropriate educational leadership at Smyrna.


    • I did not say that is what it means, I said that is what some in the community believe it means. I did google the name and found the same information you did. Our opinions on what that means in terms of a call to action differ.


      • Stop spinning your words. There is NO room for domestic violent extremism in our children’s school curriculum or williams volunteering for mob violence on twitter . Completely unacceptable. Why not a Call to action for peace. That’d be unification. Correct you blog entry regarding that it DOES mean “call to war” not “war” or “action.”


        • You are certainly entitled to your right to interpret something how you see fit. I certainly don’t condone Patrik’s tweets. I do not condone anything that results in violent protest. Please don’t tell me how to run my blog,


  3. How about we focus on the overall lack of education our children are getting during this time? After witnessing relatives in other school districts, what our young children are getting is a joke.


    • I’m not going to disagree with you on that. And I’m not blaming the teachers. That is coming from the districts and leadership based on bad info from the Delaware DOE and Governor Carney. Schools should be remote right now up and down the state.


  4. Kevin thanks for making the case for his resignation over a pattern of misconduct more clear… On this blog in 2017 you wrote on your blog “How grown adults attempt to do everything in their power to destroy a student’s life is beyond me. I can’t fathom it. Power corrupts. These are school and district leaders throwing a kid to the wolves. This is unacceptable. I once wrote about Patrik Williams…. This is a case of an authority figure abusing his power to the utmost degree to bring a child down. At a time when zero tolerance policies in our schools is getting a second look, we have this man essentially planting his feet in the ground and refusing to bend. Even when a judge tells him to. ” Love for you to sign the petition


      • Kevin, your partial alright. Presenting only one side about some people believing Adinkra is a Marxist war cry when you know better?
        BTW: I’d ask you about the tweets and whether they were posted after work but I think you’ll only provide one side.


        • Not sure what Adinkra is but I get your point. It is my belief, that when you have a lofty position such as a Superintendent of a school district, you hold yourself to a certain standard. And whether or not those tweets were posted on work time or after work it sends a very clear message. In addition, this same Superintendent has preached to teachers about being careful with what they post on social media otherwise there will be consequences. You can’t cut that both ways. In terms of who is backing or supporting curriculum or textbooks I will fully admit I have not seen that source material and what it looks like for education so I can’t and won’t comment with personal opinion on that.


          • From the Akoben website: “The Akoben is a war horn, the ancient Adinkra symbol signifying a call to serve and struggle for the community.” From wikipedia, Adinkra symbols are a set of visual symbols of the Bono people of Ghana. The term Adinkra symbol is also borrowed in physics (supergravity theory) and related mathematics (representation theory of groups).


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  6. My job is totally on line since spring. We are now getting very few students. We went from usually having two people at a time on duty fall semester to only one. This coming fall they plan to be back to normal.

    At some point I stopped getting notifications when you posted. Do you have too much time on your hands now?


    • I have definitely ramped up my output lately. I wrote 20 articles in 2020. To date this year I’ve written 14. So yeah, not a matter of having time on my hands but a renewed desire to write more!


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