Dan Shelton Compares Protesting Teachers Meeting To Terrorist Attack At The Capitol. Time To Step Down Dan!

In a moment of unbelievable stupidity, Christina Superintendent Dan Shelton actually suggested that the teachers airing their beefs with the idiotic decisions he has made on behalf of their district is comparable to social media groups that led to the attacks on the United States Capitol last week.

While he did not directly say the word teachers, the implication was definitely there. He said that given the events of last week that we should see that large groups can choose facts that legitimize their own agenda and no matter how big they are they aren’t right.

I have no doubt Shelton is very upset that teachers would dare to speak against his own Trumpian power in the Christina School District. This kind of thing never happened when he ran the Capital School District for five years so this would have to be a tremendous blow to his already overinflated ego.

To even compare the teachers in his own district to actual domestic terrorists shows a level of arrogance that is unheard of during this entire pandemic. Dan, there is a thing called free speech. And if he even dares to fire one teacher for using their voice against his insane decisions he will be haunted by that decision as the district crumbles around him.

Dan has chosen to make it more important that he is buddies with Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting than bringing his own district together for the safety of students and staff.

I have no doubt transcripts will be coming out the second the audio of this board meeting is posted on the Christina website.

9 thoughts on “Dan Shelton Compares Protesting Teachers Meeting To Terrorist Attack At The Capitol. Time To Step Down Dan!

  1. Time for a vote of no confidence! A man hired by his School Board to serve the community, acting in an official capacity, compared his employees to terrorists because they disagreed with his opinions, and cited peer-reviewed research in doing so. Time to go!!!


  2. Meanwhile Pat Williams smyrna superintendent actually volunteered on twitter to be part of the mob to attack a certain US govt building in DC as Rick Jensen confirmed on week earlier today. Resign too Pat ..no confidence. Teachers have first amendment rights face it


  3. I moderate comments. While I write about folks and may completely disagree with the things they do I would never wish Covid on anyone. Please check yourselves if you are going to comment here. I have sole discretion whether to let a comment post. There have only been a handful of comments I haven’t let go through. I will not condone any comment wishing Covid to affect someone I write about or their loved ones. Check yourself!


  4. Maybe the teachers should go back to school and benefit society instead of getting paid for lounging around their house. Shelton is correct and maybe you are just upset because your job is writing fir this meaningless website


    • Frank, thank you for your articulate and well thought-out thoughts. How are teachers lounging around their house if they are teaching remote? This isn’t my job. I don’t get paid one penny for writing for this “meaningless website”. For your information, I am the sole writer of Exceptional Delaware aside from some occasional guest posts. I always find it hysterical when someone reads one article and finds everything I’ve ever written to be “meaningless” just cause you don’t agree with something I wrote. But I would expect nothing less from some folks. Namaste!


  5. Sounds like one of the superintendents’ golf buddies swooping in. Must be nice making 160K a year on the backs of students, staff and families …who have very little first amendment rights …then attack a blogger who gives a voice to the little guy. Teachers, paras, custodians work their butts off and deserve better than incompetent, tone deaf, clueless leadership like Williams and Shelton. Our districts have never been worse off. Sea change is happening.


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