Delaware Governor John Carney Loses Touch With Reality As Covid Spreads Like A Wildfire In Delaware

Delaware Governor John Carney issued his gazillionth modification to the Delaware State of Emergency. To allow for further spread of the Covid-19, he is allowing bars and restaurants to stay open past 10pm beginning today. This is after he highly recommended school districts and charters reopen for hybrid learning on Monday, January 11th. Meanwhile Covid numbers are up higher than ever. Today, a child younger than 5 died of Covid in Delaware. Covid is spreading in schools among staff and students when they are open. But Carney seems hellbent on creating further spread. More people will die Governor Carney. That blood is on YOUR hands.

Teachers, I know you can’t strike. It is against the law in Delaware. The law stipulates that if you do you won’t get paid for the time you strike. It says NOTHING about an arrest. I say do it. Do it NOW. And during your off hours you make a hell of a lot of noise. Organize, unify and blast your feelings ALL OVER DELAWARE. Our legislators need to make some noise. They have been FAR too quiet.

The time is NOW folks. Do your thing.