Bumblin’ Stumblin’ Christina BOE is knowingly running up against open meetings laws… Again. Tonight.

Transparent Christina 2.0

Is Christina about to hold yet ANOTHER illegal meeting?

Item L3 is formed and instead incorrectly. here are 3 concerns:

It violates board policy 1.07 which requires 10 days notice for an action item

It declares an emergency (“cannot be deferred”) with no actual determination (board vote) of emergency. I see no way this could be classified up in code revolves around imminent harm to people or property, not what happens if a person isn’t censured.

It places an item that declares a pending vote in a discussion section which is not legal under Delaware open meetings law.

The board does not have censure authority under it’s own policy.

Dr. Griffin and Dr. Keeley sure know how to dance with illegal meetings lately….

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3 thoughts on “Bumblin’ Stumblin’ Christina BOE is knowingly running up against open meetings laws… Again. Tonight.

  1. I don’t totally understand the main grievance here. Maybe Mr. Young is right that the procedure was improper, but how important is that in this case? Is the implication that the board shouldn’t have censured Mr. Polaski? I think that the board should have something to address these racist (and subsequently classist) comments, but guess don’t understand why the main issue here is the procedure.


    • Quite the opposite, Mr. Polaski absolutely should be censured. That has nothing to do with the flagrant disregard for how the board notified the public of its intent to do so in order to foster community awareness and input. Also, it’s the law. Transparency is always a worthy cause to fight for, that’s why the procedure matters…because failing the law in this case disserves the voters who put that board in place.


  2. The grievance of meeting methodology is irrelevant to the dysfunction of Christina as well as other districts. Proof is in the pudding and the educational results from Christina are well below subpar. Regardless of mild meeting violations, Mr. Young cannot dispute the results of a district that he represented for a substantial period of time. The district is riddled with dysfunctions and needs to be overhauled along with other districts. The boards do not represent the needs of students fairly, have contributed to the funding confusion and forced residents to push the charter movement.

    The State needs to take over management of the individual districts and consolidation of said districts needs to happen 5 years ago.

    The current board of Christina, while maybe well intention-ed, is incapable of addressing the state or district imposed mandates that ignore education and instead focus resources on social issues unsolvable by the state or education. The definition of insanity is extreme foolishness or irrationality. At what point does our government and school boards recognize their insanity? The moment our voters stop voting for representatives who propagate insanity.


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