Glasgow High School & Christina School District In Big Trouble With Delaware DOE Who Fell Asleep At The Wheel And Let It All Happen

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In the wake of the IEP scandal at Glasgow High School, ALL of Christina School District is at the mercy of the Delaware Department of Education when it comes to special education.  Following the events concerning fake IEP meetings at Glasgow High School that I published in October, the Delaware Department of Education was forced to act.  But questions linger about how and why the Delaware DOE was unable to find out before they did.

For a state department with such a huge budget and so much man power, you would think the Delaware DOE and all their technical prowess would be able to catch little old Glasgow High School at their game.  But the problem is when their technology isn’t even set up to catch them.  The Delaware DOE does the bare minimum when it comes to special education compliance monitoring.  What the federal US DOE wants is exactly what the Delaware DOE is going to give them.  The algorithms in their system, designed to catch irregularities in IEPs, are only set up for what the feds want.  Which can be seen in Delaware’s annual compliance monitoring from the US DOE and their special education division.

What Delaware needs is a complete overhaul of special education in the state.  What is the point of looking out for just what the feds want?  For such a beefed up department, why can’t the DOE do right by kids and actually find out the root causes about what lies at the heart of so many special education issues in our school districts and charters?  The sad reason is they simply don’t care.  They are a bureaucracy that does what they are told and that’s all they will do.  And sometimes that is even suspect.  Far too many over there look away and wash their hands.

We can sit here and blame Christina and Glasgow High School for what they did.  They are to blame.  But we can also blame the Delaware DOE for failing to accurately monitor not just Christina but every single school district and charter school in the state!  Let’s face it, the ONLY reason the Delaware DOE went into guns blazing is because it was made public.  Otherwise they would have just turned their heads and said nothing going on here.

If Christina did this, dollars to donuts tells you they aren’t alone.  Others are doing it too.  Districts.  Charters.  Unless the Delaware DOE actually goes into our schools and demands to see IEPs and how out of compliance they actually are, there is no way for them to discover it based on their computer-generated compliance monitoring.  Delaware is failing thousands, if not tens of thousands, students with disabilities.

I hope the feds are reading this.  US DOE needs to come into Delaware with a sledgehammer.  The FBI needs to come in this state and start digging through ALL the education funding.  It isn’t a question of should they, it is an answer that they must.

Meanwhile, how the hell does Glasgow High School Principal Butch Ingraham still have his job? I guess we should ask Richard Gregg and Josette Tucker that very important question.  Tucker isn’t getting her contract renewed and Gregg is resigning as Superintendent of the school year.  So where does true accountability land?

And what will our Delaware General Assembly do when it comes to the DOE’s budget request this year?  Will they look at the special education nightmare in our state and rake over how the Delaware DOE spends their money if it doesn’t help the most vulnerable children in our state?

Read the below documents to see how hard Christina School District under the guise


2 thoughts on “Glasgow High School & Christina School District In Big Trouble With Delaware DOE Who Fell Asleep At The Wheel And Let It All Happen

  1. I am not shocked my son was in IEP at Christina school district . and I had to call and get a lawyer involved since my son’s records and our personal information were corrupted false documents in computer by a employee at the district office . and they allowed him to still have a job so disgusted with this district corrupt …


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