Explosive Public Comment For Odyssey’s Renewal, McGuiness Fails To Deliver


Public comment sent to the Charter School Office at the Delaware Department of Education indicates the AHEPA members of the Board of Directors over at Odyssey Charter School STILL haven’t learned the lesson that put them on formal review in the first place!

This prompted Delaware State Rep. Kim Williams to file Freedom of Information Act violations against the Board of Directors not once, but twice!

Sounds like AHEPA has some explaining to do!

Meanwhile, Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness has failed to deliver the audit investigation into Odyssey Charter School.  They informed the school it was “anticipated” by December 15th.  It is now December 18th and the State Board of Education is making an important decision about this school in two days at their monthly meeting.  Once again, missing information.  But hey, let’s give McG a big break because I’m sure she is really busy socializing around Delaware for every opportunity she can get to let folks know she is Kathy McGuiness and some useless facts about the Auditor of Accounts office!

My prediction: further probation for Odyssey Charter School until all the facts come out on this stuff!

2 thoughts on “Explosive Public Comment For Odyssey’s Renewal, McGuiness Fails To Deliver

  1. why should odyssey do anything at all? nothing will happen. the “auditor” was required to perform an audit and didnt – not that it would matter, no wrong doing would be found. and they continue to do what they have always done. they will get a light tap on the wrist and in 2-3 years more issues will arise, a very few people will get upset and the merry go round will continue to turn


  2. Interestingly, much of this correspondence occurred prior to the Dec. 2 CSAC meeting on Odyssey’s renewal but Odyssey personnel never mentioned any of these issues at that meeting. A case could be made that OCS leadership was misleading CSAC or, at the very least, withholding unfavorable information. This issue, coupled with the inconsistencies/lack of justifications cited in the audit report, should result, at a minimum, in further hearings early in 2020 to determine whether OCS has fully complied with terms of its probation, which continues until June 30. I’m betting that Bunting’s renewal letter will strongly state that the school’s leaders must comply fully with all terms of probation prior to current charter expiration (also June 30). Time for the Greek Boys Club to run the school to get its act together. They have been warned. “Hubris” is a Greek word. They ought to look it up.


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