2019 Filed School Board Candidates **UPDATED**2/24/2019**

2019 School Board Elections

School board season is in full swing.  With the filing deadline this Friday this list could fill up some more.  There is only one district where no one has filed yet.  There are also quite a few races forming.  Most seats are five-years expiring in 2024 this year with a few exceptions. 

Here we go!



At-Large, Expires 2024: Norman Abrams, Dawn Lentz, George Maniatis



District F, Expires 2021: Jeanette Bailey, Deborah Zarek

District G, Expires 2024: Jason Heller


Caesar Rodney

At-Large, Expires 2020: William Victory

At-Large, Expires 2024: Jessica Marelli


Cape Henlopen

At-Large, Expires 2024: Alison Myers, Calvin Jackson

Area C, Expires 2024: Andrew Lewis, Janet Maull-Martin

At-Large, Expires 2020: William Collick, Charles Mowll



At-Large, Expires 2024:John Martin



District D, Expires 2024: John Young, Katie Hegedus



District D, Expires 2020: Rosemary Wolfe

District G, Expires 2024: Robin Crossan



At-Large, Expires 2024: Jason Coco, William Mills


Indian River

District 3, Expires 2024: Heather Statler

District 4, Expires 2024: Donald Hattier

District 5, Expires 2024: Scott Collins, Jeffrey Evans, Derek Cathell

District 5, Expires 2024:


Lake Forest

At-Large, Expires 2024: Kimberly Hurd, Sarah Starkey



At-Large, Expires 2024: Brad Lee



Area B, Expires 2024: No filing yet


Red Clay Consolidated

District E, Expires 2024: Jason Casper



At-Large, Expires 2024: Dara Savage, Shawn Garrahan



At-Large, Expires 2024: Scot McClymont



At-Large, Expires 2024: Steve McCarron


7 thoughts on “2019 Filed School Board Candidates **UPDATED**2/24/2019**

  1. This year, a pair of voter guides are available covering Delaware school board candidates. Go to WhoRunsOurSchools.com for background information on school boards, and an overview of all races state-wide. Go to http://www.VOTE411.org and enter your home address to narrow down on the candidates who will be on your own ballot. Both guides include detailed answers from the candidates on educational policy questions, in their own words. Learn about the candidates before voting on May 14, 2019! –Kim Wells, 2019 Delaware VOTE411 Coordinator


  2. If you’re voting for Katie Hegedus, you are giving the board TOO much power. She should have been honest and dropped out of the race!


  3. It seems a lot of people don’t like John. losing 2-1 to a person who had no desire to sit on the board shows the voters want someone/anyone else there


    1. Or there was a misinformation campaign sent out with assistance from the troublemakers at DelawareCAN in what winds up being a 1% voter turnout election. Hardly an ass-whooping.


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