Are Carney & Bunting Intentionally Leaving DSEA Out Of The Loop?


I was wondering why Delaware Governor John Carney’s office resent the same media advisory today that they sent on Friday.  I figured there had to be some change to the big shindig tomorrow at Legislative Hall.  And there it was, staring at me like a full moon on a summer night, one addition to the number of attendees:

Stephanie Ingram, President, Delaware State Education Association

She was NOT on the original media advisory.  This makes me seriously wonder how much DSEA is getting the shaft in Governor Carney’s world.  I can almost imagine the call from DSEA to Carney’s media contact, Jonathan Starkey.

“Hey Starkey, it’s DSEA.  What is this big education announcement and how come we don’t know about it?”

“Oh, we didn’t tell you about that?  I thought you got the invite.”

“Invite?  Why didn’t we even know about this?  What’s up with that?”

“You guys are certainly invited.  I’ll update it.”

“No Starkey, this needs to be resent.  It has to look like DSEA is already a part of it.”

“I can do that.”

Why would DSEA not be included in the original discussions about Carney’s not-so-secret weighted funding plan?  Because the “education advocates” didn’t want them to be a part of the discussion.  DSEA was most likely left out.  After all, some of these “education advocates” are the same ones who engineered the destruction of Mike Matthews.  It stands to reason they did not want Matthews in the President’s chair over at DSEA when all of this was coming out.  Matthew’s engineered downfall was never about the past.  It was always about the future.

Since Matthews resigned from DSEA, I have barely heard anything from the new DSEA President, Stephanie Ingram.  She simply doesn’t have the presence Mike had.  And that is exactly what DelawareCAN and Rodel wanted.  It wasn’t just about neutering Matthews but also DSEA.  It looks like they succeeded.  It used to be DSEA was invited to the table.  Now, it appears, they are left the scraps as an almost afterthought.

It has become more obvious than ever who John Carney bows to when it comes to education.  I question this ruse more than ever now!  Way to shut out the bulk of Delaware’s teachers there Carney!  But I have no doubt the Rodel Teacher Council was involved in the discussion.  I have always questioned Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting’s loyalty to Delaware teachers.  It was her, after all, who wrote the damning letter that destroyed the original intent of House Bill #399 back in 2016.  That bill was supposed to alter the horrible Component V of the teacher evaluation system.

DSEA needs to wise up and start flexing their political muscle.  This is past due.  Rodel and DelawareCAN are one step ahead of them and have gained significant power since Carney got elected.  Hopefully it isn’t too late.  But Carney’s whole weighted funding thing will depend on the legislators approving it in the budget.  It’s obvious Carney didn’t write the lyrics to this song but he will gladly sing it for the masses.  DSEA didn’t even know the song was being recorded.  They are letting the corporate education reformers make them look like fools and they need to wise up.  They need to stop wanting to be at the table and make their own dinner party.  It has always been war.  DSEA is losing that war.

One thought on “Are Carney & Bunting Intentionally Leaving DSEA Out Of The Loop?

  1. Wonderful Jack Polidori persuaded DSEA to support incumbents. This new homogenized approach to electioneering now bears magnificent poisonous fruit in the person of the Governor, who relegates teachers to standing in the corner. The message to incumbents is: kick me please, I have no teeth.


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