Red Clay Superintendent Race Down To Three

Red Clay Superintendent Search

In the coming months, Red Clay Consolidated School District will have a new Superintendent.  All indications are pointing to three final candidates.  Who are they?

I can’t say.  Not because I don’t want to but because to put their names out there now could jeopardize their current employment.  But I can give some hints!

  • All three have a great deal of education leadership experience
  • One is currently a leader in Red Clay
  • One is out of state
  • One is or has been a Superintendent in Delaware
  • Between the three of them, all three counties in Delaware have been represented
  • None of them have two X chromosomes
  • I have written about all three of the candidates at one time or another on this blog
  • The total amount of letters in all three candidates first and last names are 33
  • One of them has the same amount of letters in their first and last name as my first and last name but the number in each is flipped
  • Two of them have significant experience with Wilmington schools
  • One has a lot of special education experience
  • One has some experience with a cloud
  • One has some experience with a female deer
  • One has union leadership on their resume

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