The Strange Case Of The Disappearing Christina Board Meeting

Christina Board of Education

I see this with charter schools quite a bit but postponing a regular board meeting for a school district?  That is highly unusual!  Today, the Christina School District postponed their regular January Board of Education meeting scheduled for tonight at Bayard Middle School.  Is this a fluke or is there a specific reason the meeting was postponed?

Typically, if a district cancels a board meeting it is due to inclement weather.  That is not the case here.  While the district offered no explanation for the postponed board meeting, a major clue can be found in the agenda for the board meeting.  The agenda states it was “revised” on January 2nd.  Was there an agenda put up prior to that?

If you go to the above agenda link, and you are on a laptop, do a right click on the pdf.  Then go to properties.  If states the document was created on 1/2/19 and modified on 1/2/19.  If it was “created” on 1/2/19, there is no possible way they could have legally held the meeting!

Under Delaware state code, all public meetings must have the agenda put up for public view a week before the meeting.  If Christina did NOT put it up by January 1st, they would have been out of compliance with state code.  Which means any action item they voted on would have been null and void if someone filed a FOIA complaint against the district for their failure to follow state law with their agenda posting.

Or perhaps it was cancelled for another reason.  Maybe there wasn’t going to be a quorum of the board present.  There could be a plethora of reasons here.  But I will go with the agenda snafu!

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