Will Charter School of Wilmington Try To Have Delaware DOE As Their Authorizer?

Charter School of Wilmington

After the beat down and humiliation they received from the Red Clay Board of Education last night, the Charter School of Wilmington is very angry.  They were called out as a racist school while their charter was renewed for 5 years instead of 10.  Are they going to do something about it?

A 10-year renewal is more symbolic than anything.  It says “we are a great school and we are so good we can go ten years without going under the microscope by our authorizer.”  Sure, it is less work for a charter school but it is also a mighty boast.  Today, CSW will not be able to make that claim.

CSW didn’t leave the Red Clay board meeting with dignity.  They stormed out according to various sources.  Instead of taking their punishment for two decades of being an elitist public school, they behaved like petulant children that didn’t get their way.  Will they take that temper tantrum to the next level?  Will they submit an application to the Delaware Department of Education for the DOE to become their charter authorizer?

It has been done before.  Odyssey Charter School used to be authorized by Red Clay.  They made the switch.  But if CSW did it, that would be huge.  As the first charter school in Delaware, CSW and Red Clay go together like peanut butter and jelly.  They have become symbiotic with each other.  Not to mention CSW shares the same building with Cab Calloway.  Would Red Clay allow that shared space with the Delaware DOE lurking around?

CSW could take their licking and calm down.  We will find out as we head into 2019.


5 thoughts on “Will Charter School of Wilmington Try To Have Delaware DOE As Their Authorizer?

  1. The concept of a “local” school district has lost all meaning in NCC. PC mixing of students of vastly differing abilities tends to favor the lowest denominator. Secondary education should strive to challenge students to reach and find direction for their lives.
    The Red Clay board does not represent us. It is madeup of members with very narrow special interest backing. Due to elections not being held on “election day”, the public does not turn out.
    CSW -should- separate from RC. Their philosophy of education clashes with the melting pot concept of RC.
    If there is to be any advancement, do away with local school taxes and have income tax support for schools. Then, I
    nvest in the City students at a young age and possibly have a kibbutz-like Summer school program to break the cycle of poverty and educational despair that is entrenched in Wilmington today, that is the product of the Federal intervention in our schools.
    Time and money is being wasted, switch gears!


    1. To accept What Not’s situation above would be to accept and endorse segregation in our schools. Period. And that’s not an era of time I ever want to revert to, although with CSW and other schools like it, I guess we already have.


  2. If CSW left Red Clay as an authorizer, would Red Clay be allowed to either charge a substantial rent for the use of district facilities or evict their from their facility?


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