Charter School of Wilmington Gets Slammed Down By Red Clay Board With 5 Year Renewal Instead Of 10 Year

Charter School of Wilmington

The Red Clay Consolidated School District Board of Education gave the Charter School of Wilmington their renewal but not the one CSW was hoping for.

Instead of getting a 10-year renewal, which the Wilmington charter school REALLY wanted, they got a 5-year renewal.  What was shocking was two Red Clay board members actually voted no on their renewal.  Board members Adriana Bohm and Jose Matthews voted no while board member Jason Casper abstained due to a potential conflict of interest.

Citing the school as a “segregated school” and an example of “systemic racism”, the top-rated charter school, which has a history of “cherry-picking” students based on enrollment preferences and entrance tests, took a massive blow tonight.

As I commented on my Facebook post about this, CSW needs to stop behaving like they are a 1955 private school.  They are a public school in 2018.  They go against the grain more than any other public school in this state with their enrollment preferences.  They take the cream of the crop.  It IS systemic racism and it IS a segregated school.

Tomorrow night, the Delaware State Board of Education will be presented with their own choice for Newark Charter School.  They could get a 10-year renewal.  But the State Board of Ed doesn’t have the stones the Red Clay board does.  I would be flabbergasted if NCS doesn’t get a 10-year renewal.

Congrats to the Red Clay board for standing up for public education tonight!  Maybe CSW President Dr. Sam Paoli’s eyes will finally widen to what is going on at “his” school.  I kind of doubt it though…

4 thoughts on “Charter School of Wilmington Gets Slammed Down By Red Clay Board With 5 Year Renewal Instead Of 10 Year

  1. As a retired NCC educator with years spent in the classroom, district administration, and a 2-year stint as a HS principal, my non-scientific sample of one can attest to immorally unconscious systemic racism as the single, most significant obstacle to effective education for every child in NCC—racism never skipped a beat from the institutional separate but equal racism that existed before Brown v. Bd of Education to the present day. I want to blog about other topics ( but my brain keeps dragging me back to this issue, and it is my opinion that WCS is but one manifestation of many examples of segregation


  2. Wow. You’re writing has no substance. Why don’t you give some evidence and facts for your points. A 1955 school? What are you talking about? Were you even at the meeting? Charter is 51% white. And guess what- just last year they were 57% white. They’ve have made great progress towards diversifying but when people like you just sit there and listen to the loudest (not the smartest) board members and fail to do your own due diligence and research- to be frank, is disgraceful.

    Why don’t people get the truth and either attend the meetings or listen to the recording? It would be much more beneficial than this sorry excuse for an article.


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