The Malarkey From Freire Is Very Arrogant!

Freire Charter School

It is school choice season, when schools across Delaware say “Pick me, we are the best!”  The only problem is when a school pretends they are the best and boasts of things that really aren’t that great to begin with.  Such is the case with Freire, a charter school in Wilmington.

A parent sent me a letter Freire sent to their child.  Way to lap it up Freire!

Say, if their seats are filling up so quickly why did they apply for a decrease in their student enrollment?  I know, gotta make it look like they are a HOT school to get into!  I used to do that when I sold pogs at a comic store back in ’95.  Sell it like it is the next big thing!  For the record, charters decrease their enrollment when they know they won’t hit their numbers the next year and don’t want to go on formal review with the Delaware Department of Education.

Their “academic excellence” is kind of funny.  Really funny!  Why? Wait for it…. because it’s based on the Smarter Balanced Assessment!  But that only applies to their 8th grade students.  The test isn’t given in 9th or 10th grade.  So yeah, whatever.  This is the same school that gave a student a higher grade in a class if their parent did opt them out of Smarter Balanced.  Academic excellence my ass!  If they are so great, how come there were only 58 students left in their junior year after the school opened up three years ago?  Easy, other students LEFT!

I don’t get these charter schools with limited grades.  Why begin the school at 8th grade?  It’s just stupid.

3 thoughts on “The Malarkey From Freire Is Very Arrogant!

  1. My son received a letter like this from Freire last year and immediately wrote them a reply noting the many positive features of his Christina district middle school, his own and his classmates’ ambition to attend good colleges, and asking Freire to stop baselessly maligning other schools in their desperate attempt to recruit students. They seem to have removed him from their mailing list, but his twin still receives mailings like this, regularly.


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