Patrick Miller Brainwashes His Fire Company Cult Followers

Patrick Miller

The Jim Jones of Delaware fraud is at it again.  What did the infamous Patrick Miller do now?  He only lied to the entire membership of the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company at their monthly meeting.

The should-have-been-in-a-jumpsuit Patrick Miller told his peers at the fire company he got a letter from the Auditor of Accounts office stating the fire company was not under investigation from them in any capacity.  He told them this at their October board meeting.  This did NOT appear in their meeting minutes.  Miller isn’t that stupid.  But several members verified this information.  Which is VERY ironic given the Freedom of Information Act request I got in my email today.

My FOIA request was very specific given I knew exactly what I was looking for:

Request: I would like any correspondence sent to the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company, sent between the dates of August 1st, 2018 to November 9th, 2018, regarding the status of any type of audit action against them. In particular, if a letter was sent to them regarding no audit investigation would be taking place, I would like a copy of that. This would include any emails sent from that office to Patrick Miller.  Please send in PDF format to the above email address. Thank you.

I received the response today from the AOA office:

No records.  Let that sink in a second.  No records.  So what was this mythical letter Miller got from AOA?  While my FOIA response does not tell me if AOA is or isn’t under investigation from that office, it tells me they sent no letter to Miller or the fire company indicating they were NOT under investigation.

So why was it important for Miller to lie to his fire company followers?  It’s just how he rolls.  He has to show that he is untouchable and prove to anyone who believes him that he is a “good guy”.  I’m sure he is until he isn’t.  The Delawareans he has left for road-kill in his decades of financial abuse and fraud are many.  And if he doesn’t run you down, he’s got dirt on you that will assure you NEVER talk.

This is how he has evaded any type of justice over the years.  The Delaware mob for modern times.  You don’t need to run around in a gang.  Just work for school districts in a financial capacity and run a fire company!  You too can get a “get out of jail” free card.  I still hope that Miller rolled his third set of doubles in a row and goes straight to jail this time.

As for the sheep at Indian River Volunteer Fire Company- wake up!  Get out of your funky gaze of awe at Miller and smell the coffee!  The jig is up.  The guy has been lying to you just as easily as he did the folks at Brandywine and Indian River School District.  He has probably roped a few of you into some of his shenanigans (any of you who got tax credits when you weren’t supposed to when Miller helped you out with that).  I would give serious thought to just turning your buddy in and let it ALL come out.  Cause at this rate his marker is past due and karma is already on its way ready to kick his thieving ass!

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