Moment of Truth for 8 Delaware Charter Schools

Charter School Renewals

On December 20th, the State Board of Education will decide on seven charter school renewals at their monthly meeting after hearing the decision by Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting.  Meanwhile, the Red Clay Consolidated School District Board of Education will decide on Charter School of Wilmington’s charter renewal.  Two charters want a ten-year renewal.  Two have submitted minor modification requests to decrease enrollment.  Yesterday, the Delaware DOE’s Charter School Office released the final reports for all seven charters up for renewal through their office. 

Design Thinking Academy

First State Military Academy


Great Oaks

Kuumba Academy

Newark Charter School

Positive Outcomes

Charter School of Wilmington

*No final renewal report has been issued yet but once it does I will get it up here!


One thought on “Moment of Truth for 8 Delaware Charter Schools

  1. So, unrelated to this (though, imho, very related) how is that Superior Court case against DoE filed by all the charter schools of DE (remember, liberally withholding some of the annual funds under the unclear and largely “up for discretion” kind of blank check reasons not clearly explained but immediately enforced) going? Will or will not the outcome of that case in any way make the mentioned renewal process longer than necessary?

    The public wants to know, because our tax money held by DoE were not paid when they should have been, and now there is even bleaker hope they ever will be found deep within the endless bowls of the DoE. And, not to mention, even if they will be found and returned where they should have been, ie, schools’ coffers, our kids, who should have been the beneficiaries of such, will be all grown up, out of the schools, so there is basically no hope of them seeing the results ever.


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