Letter To Indian River School Board Re: Civil Lawsuit Against Patrick Miller

Patrick Miller

It has been two years since the Indian River School District Audit Investigation report came out.  In that time, the Delaware Attorney General’s office decided it wasn’t worth pursuing criminal charges against former Chief Financial Officer Patrick Miller.  Even though African-American and minority charter school leaders who pulled the same shenanigans did get punished.  Delaware’s justice system really sucks.  Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn knows better than this.  I am highly disappointed.

One citizen of the district decided to email the Indian River Board of Education and find out why they didn’t go after Miller in a civil suit.

I am writing this letter to help myself and others understand a few issues.

I am asking why the school district has not filed civil action against Patrick Miller for the misappropriated funds while he was the CFO.

I have heard that there wasn’t enough for the AG to go after Patrick Miller in a criminal case.  Now we all know a criminal case is different than a civil case, so what I’m asking is why would you ask for a referendum and not have Patrick Miller held responsible for the misappropriated funds?

I would never have an issue with a referendum, but I do have an issue with you the board allowing an individual who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar not asked to repay the funds or you not file a civil action and just expect the tax payers to pick up the crumbs and rebuild what was done and allowed to be done for so long.

The state audit only went back 4 years.  I know and I’m sure you know there was deceit that went on greater than 4 years.  But even in just the 4 years that showed a significant amount of misappropriated funds, that should be enough for you as not just the board but as a parent and a human being to put the children first and hold Patrick Miller accountable for stealing from the success of our future.

As we know, the IRSD has a high percentage of low income families in the district.  This isn’t an ending of stealing from the rich to give to the poor.  This was a case of complete GREED.   This is not the message that should be sent to the students, the parents or the tax payers.  The message that should be sent is that you will not only go above and beyond for our children’s education, but you will go after anyone who hinders in our children’s education.  I could be mistaken but I’m sure when each of you campaigned to be a board member, at some point you had that message come across.  Those funds even though they weren’t millions and millions of dollars, they were still there to educate our children which was ultimately stolen from them.

So I am asking that by you not asking Patrick Miller to repay those purposely misappropriated funds, are you giving the message to our children that it’s ok to do what Patrick Miller did??

Thank you,

Billie Jo Bullock

Apparently, the State Auditor’s office felt it wasn’t worth pursuing an audit investigation into the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company due to a lack of sufficient cause.  At least that was what Patrick Miller told members of the company at a meeting in October.  Whether he is lying or not is to be determined as I filed a FOIA request for this information to the Auditor of Accounts office five minutes ago.

Meanwhile, according to the fire company’s October board minutes, they feel as though Patrick Miller is a saint while the above mentioned author of the school board letter is a social pariah of the fire department.  Even their Treasurer, who publicly lambasted Miller and the board for terminating Bullock from membership, appears to have fallen prey to the Miller-can-do-no-wrong bandwagon.  It’s like a bad version of the Stepford Wives down there in Indian River.  I guess the kumbaya moment happened with the Pensinsula boys.

When will Delaware wake up?  This backwater way of dealing with financial fraud in places that receive taxpayer money is a frigging joke.  Those who seek to right wrongs and whistle blow are treated like absolute scum while the bad guys get away with it.  Patrick Miller should be behind bars.  But the state seems to think he walks on water.  Either that or he has enough dirt on people (like Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting) to make a ton of noise.  So better to just let him play with taxpayer money than really cause a stink!  That is called corruption folks.

The bombshell letter from the fire company’s attorney shows clearly that there is a massive amount of collusion going on in Delaware with Patrick Miller.  To those who might be thinking, “Geez Kevin, just let it go.”  No.  Not while justice evades the light of days and guys like Miller get away with the crap he does.  Would you tell your own kids it is okay to do what guys like Miller do?  If you do, you aren’t a parent in the true sense of the word.

Meanwhile, anyone in this state who may have some unscrupulous morals would looking at Miller pulling his crap and think to themselves “hmm, maybe I could get away with it too.”  That is the message our justice system is sending to Delaware.



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