Exceptional Delaware Endorsements For Election Day In Delaware

Delaware Election 2018

Finally! All the talk can stop about who is better.  After tomorrow we will know.  I felt obligated to give my endorsements for all the races.  Some will care, some won’t.  Some may shock you while some will be all “duh, didn’t see that one coming!”  Just do one thing tomorrow- VOTE!  It’s one of the strongest ways you can make your voice heard in your state and country!

Here are my “official” endorsements:

U.S. Senator: Only because I would love to see Delawareans butcher his last name for the next several years.  But seriously, he is the only one who really impressed me at a debate I saw with all of them.  Vote for Demetri Theodoropoulos! (Green)

U.S. Representative: If I were a raging incoherent alcoholic I would say Scott Walker.  I’m not.  Vote for Lisa Blunt Rochester.

Attorney General: I’m not endorsing for this race.  Neither candidate wowed me.  Jennings will win just by sheer numbers.  But she will have to hit the ground running and stay gold for me to support her over the next four years.

State Auditor: Would it shock you if I said Kathy McGuiness?  It would me!  Put me in a padded room.  I would rather chew glass than vote for her.  I would rather dip my arms in battery acid and my legs in molten lava than vote for McGuiness.  If you are serious about wanting a better life and more transparency in Delaware, do NOT vote for her.  Ignore all other endorsements in here if you want, but take this one to the grave.  You vote for her, you are making a big mistake.  For me, this is the biggest race in recent memory in Delaware.  VOTE JAMES SPADOLA!!!!!!!!!!

State Treasurer: I would love to see David Chandler win this.  It would be the greatest upset in Delaware history and he would have the longest beard of any Delaware elected official.  If not, vote for Colleen Davis.  Simpler is simply no longer needed.  Buh-bye!

State Senate District 4: A few weeks ago I would have wholeheartedly endorsed Laura Sturgeon but then she had to go and comment on Atnre’s “I hate Mike Matthews and I did him in” self-promotion blog piece.  But then again, Greg Lavelle once said he wanted to opt out of voting for the opt out bill.  The year before that he played the role of Greg Isacariot and flipped his vote on the Smarter Balanced Assessment legislation.  I’ll go with Sturgeon but she better watch who she coddles while in office!

State Senate District 6: David Baker.  No more Ernie.

State Senate District 10: Gotta go with Stephanie Hansen.  She has done a decent job so far.  Her opponent is one of those right-wing nuts who thinks anyone who isn’t a straight heterosexual is the demon child of Charles Manson and Lizzie Borden.

State Senate District 11: Bryan Townsend.  Don’t agree with everything he votes for.  But we don’t need more gun nuts in the Senate.

State Senate District 16: Would love to see Louisa Phillips flip this seat blue!  Colin, you’re a nice guy but it’s time to go!

State Senate District 17: TREY PARADEE.  TREY PARADEE.  TREY PARADEE.  If I wanted a King I would move to England in 1750.

State Senate District 18: I’ve seen David Wilson fall asleep at important education meetings.  I’ve seen Jim Purcell at more education meetings and he doesn’t fall asleep.  Vote Purcell!

State Senate District 21: Honestly, I don’t feel comfortable endorsing in this race.  Richardson has never impressed me but I don’t know squat about his opponent.

State Rep District 6: One Heffernan left the State Board of Education this year.  Let’s send the State Rep packing as well!  Tax relief for developers at the expense of money for schools? Hell no!  Vote Jeffrey Olmstead.

State Rep District 7: I always endorse Scott Gesty.  Just makes sense and it would shake things up.  We need shake ups in Delaware.  Lots of ’em!

State Rep District 8: Gonna go with Quinton Johnson.  He’s a quiet guy.  He could vote a little better on some education bills.  But he’s okay.

State Rep District 9: Hmm- do I vote for someone who steals her opponent’s flyer from doorways?  I don’t think so!  Vote for Kevin Hensley again in this district.  He’s a good guy.

State Rep District 10: Uhm, hello… Sean Matthews! Need I say more?  One of the best education legislators in the House!  We need him!

State Rep District 11: Don’t know Paul Thornburg.  I do know Jeff Spiegelman.  Can be a little hot-tempered but I don’t mind that at times.  Yelled at Dave Wilson on June 30th over a wine bill.  That was funny.  Dressed up in chain mail the year before.  Is this an endorsement?  I have no idea.  But it’s fun to write.

State Rep District 12: One of the first state reps I met was Deb Hudson.  Very nice lady.  But she is too into the school voucher scene and some political agendas I don’t like.  We need a change.  Vote Krista Griffith!

State Rep District 13: Not endorsing.

State Rep District 14: Let’s go with James DeMartino!  Why?  He isn’t Pete Schwartzkopf!  ‘Nuff said!

State Rep District 15: Can’t endorse.  Val.

State Rep District 16: Don’t know enough about the candidates.

State Rep District 17: Melissa Minor-Brown will beat the write-in candidate.  A shoe-in.  Don’t know her though.  Hope she’s a good state rep.

State Rep District 19: If you have been following this blog since the beginning, you should know who I’m endorsing in this race.  Awesome lady with a heart of gold.  Best education legislator there is, bar none.  KIM WILLIAMS!!!!!!!!!

State Rep District 20: Any legislator who would think it is okay to have Patrick Miller as your campaign treasurer is sniffing some serious glue!  C’mon Jack Bucchioni!  Win this!

State Rep District 21: Blockchain.  SPCA.  Spa Party.  Mike, you gotta go.  Too much.  Let’s see Stephanie Berry unseat this guy.  Too much personal conflict in you Mike.  The force is not strong in you.

State Rep District 22: Can’t endorse either of them.  Smith or Gonzales.  DelawareCAN endorsed both of them.  Sorry folks!

State Rep District 24: I’ve always liked Ed Osienski.  Quiet guy.  Doesn’t get into all the drama and bs down at Legislative Hall.  Let’s keep him in!

State Rep District 25: Like my friend Kim, I gotta go with John Kowalko!  He is a common sense no nonsense legislator.  We agree on far too much.  Some don’t get him.  I do.

State Rep District 26: I’m going with Viola again.  Don’t always agree with him but I do enough.  Don’t know enough about his opponent.

State Rep District 27: Get Jaques out!   This is the guy who is going to write legislation to give the State Board of Education the authority to shut down school districts and turn them over to the state.  Sod that as they would say over in the UK!  Bill Hinds MUST get your vote!

State Rep District 28: Not endorsing.  Which is ironic cause I live in Dover.

State Rep District 29: Bill Bush.  Easily.  I’ve talked to Bill many times and he has some wicked awesome plans for education legislation!

State Rep District 30: Not endorsing.  Don’t know them.

State Rep District 31: Gotta win with Lynn.  It isn’t cause I dislike his opponent.  I think David Anderson is a good guy at heart.  But we need Sean Lynn in the House.  I know all the people on the right will say I’m insane.  I don’t care.  I endorse for who I think will do a better job.  And that is Sean Lynn.

State Rep District 32: She passed the cursive bill.  She fights for her constituents.  Her opponent had one of the most hateful campaigns I’ve ever seen with a daily battering of outright lies and falsehoods about Andria Bennett.  So much so I won’t even type her name.  Vote for Andria Bennett!

State Rep District 33: Not endorsing.

State Rep District 34: This is a close one.  One serves as the CFO of my son’s school district.  Another one personally met with me to talk education at his request.  Gonna go with Yearick on this one.

State Rep District 36: Hello… welcome to the House Don Allan!  I hope.  Which is why all of you in District 36 should vote for him!

State Rep District 38: Not endorsing.

State Rep District 41: Gotta go with the guy who did NOT turn Delaware upside down over a transgender regulation that was destined to go nowhere.  Vote Bradley Connor!

And while I don’t usually cover county races, vote for Brian Lewis for Kent County Sheriff!

So there you have it.  For the most part I’m party line unless I really can’t stand the Dem incumbent or the wannabe that wants to win for no good reasons.  I’m not afraid to endorse outside of the “big two” either.  Doesn’t mean they are going to win.  Just my picks.  I highly doubt it will sway the outcomes of the General Election tomorrow.  If it does, color me surprised!  If I don’t know enough about the candidates in the race I’m just gonna say it.  I did.

Just remember: VOTE TOMORROW!!!!!


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