The ONE Thing No Delaware Legislator Or Candidate Will Touch During Election Season

Delaware Election 2018

The Delaware General Election is in five days.  As citizens of The First State cast our votes, we think of many issues that affect how we decide.  It could be education or taxes or environmental issues.  Many of us vote just for the political party we belong to.  But there is one thing that no Delaware elected official or candidate will even whisper because of the firestorm that will be unleashed upon them if they do.

Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting.

That is the one thing nobody wants to talk about.  It has been three months since I publicly announced she knew about Patrick Miller’s thievery in Indian River School District.  The former Chief Financial Officer was dipping into grant funds for his own personal gain and Susan Bunting knew about it when she was the Indian River Superintendent.

Since I announced that, there has been no formal investigation.  Nothing.  She still sits as Governor John Carney’s appointment.  The Delaware Senate confirmed her.  Not one sitting legislator has publicly denounced her actions.  It hasn’t even been a topic on the campaign trail.  It was treated like it never happened.  Ignore it long enough and it will just go away.

Sorry, I’m not going to let it go away.  It shouldn’t.  We all know it happened.  Bunting knows she knew.  It is the height of Delaware arrogance when those in power knowingly ignore the actions of their peers in power.  It is abhorrent and disgusting.  But because it is John Carney’s pick, no one will touch it.

None of the “regular” media in Delaware wrote about it.  Not one.  Think about that.  Not. One. Word.

This is the shame of Delaware.  And I have no doubt Bunting isn’t the only one with skeletons that are allowed to sit in a closet even though the door is open and everyone can see.  What does it say about Delaware that we are seemingly okay with this?  Where is the outrage and calls for justice on this?  We rant and rave about everything under the sun in this state but ignore a sitting Governor-appointed official at a Cabinet level who not only allowed her CFO to steal money but let him keep doing it for the next eight years?  And then cried that she didn’t know at a press conference?

This is a woman who leads education in Delaware.  She is the top of that chain.  Governor Carney won’t utter a word about it.  Because to do so would make him look like the biggest ass in creation.  It makes him look bad.  So he ignores it.

All eyes are focused on the Delaware election.  And that’s fine.  But come November 7th, we need to get real loud about accountability in our state government.  We need to make sure those who do wrong are held to task for their actions.  It is intolerable that we would allow this to happen.

One thought on “The ONE Thing No Delaware Legislator Or Candidate Will Touch During Election Season

  1. This is exactly the reason why we need a State Auditor who is truly independent and will take action on this crap. I just don’t think Kathy McGuiness is up for this…I’m liking Spadola


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