How To Insult And Offend Legislators In One Fell Swoop!

Delaware Election 2018

It’s that time of year when legislators get requests from organizations and media to do surveys.  One organization sent out a survey to all the Delaware State Representatives recently.  What was interesting was how this organization managed to offend many of them before the introductory paragraph!  As well, the actual survey is EXACTLY what I would expect from this organization.

Yes, good old DelawareCAN.  Does whatever they think they can.  What makes this particular survey request interesting was the person from DelawareCAN, Daniel Walker, already KNOWS all the state representatives.  He worked at Legislative Hall and actively lobbies there for DelawareCAN.  Adding to that is the “CAN Spam” last week.  You know, the email sent round Delaware to most educators work AND personal email addresses.  Atnre Alleyne certainly made sure THAT email was sent with as much of his (tainted) information as possible.  But this?  I would be offended!

From: Daniel Walker <>
Date: October 12, 2018

Subject: DelawareCAN Action Fund Survey

Representative {Last Name}},

A few weeks ago I reached out regarding our survey for the 2018 general election. Our board will make endorsements next week and we want to be sure we have reviewed candidates in every seat. 

Our online survey can be found by clicking here. I have attached a hard copy of the survey as an option to put your answers in writing prior to uploading them to the online portal. 

If there are any questions please feel free to reach by responding to this email or I can be reached at 302-241-7072. 

Best regards, 


I did take out the legislator’s name who sent this to me.  Many similar emails followed.  The legislators were offended Walker couldn’t even bother to include their name in the email.  One of them even said to me:

They have to be kidding if they think any of us are ever answering their call ever again???! Look at this half-assed email. Dear Representative (insert name here) …seriously?

Has DelawareCAN lost their muster at Legislative Hall?  Did they try to shoot the moon and ate 25 points instead? (For those who are confused by this, do a search on the Hearts card game).

If you want to see what was in the DelawareCAN survey, see below.  It is very revealing and shows exactly what DelawareCAN is all about.  These survey questions are very one-sided.  It makes me shudder to think what kind of education legislation this organization racket will try to lobby for in January!


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