Which Delaware Education Leader Agrees With Betsy DeVos On The Proper Route To “Success”?

When Betsy DeVos made Delaware resubmit their state plan for the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Delaware Department of Education groaned.  It is no secret the Delaware DOE was not a big fan of Bad News Betsy.  According to the U.S. DOE, Delaware’s plans were not “ambitious” enough.  But one education “leader” agreed with them.  Who was the sell-out?

Who was this bold leader who agreed with the U.S. DOE and wanted to bring Delaware back to the days of Race To The Top?  It was none other than one of the architects of Delaware’s RTTT implementation, Little Man Alleyne*.  That’s right, Atnre Alleyne, the same man who covertly took down Mike Matthews last week.  According to a New York Times article from July of 2017:

But Atnre Alleyne, the executive director of DelawareCAN, an advocacy group that helped draft the plan, agreed with the Department’s findings.

He said that his group challenged the state about accountability measures, such as setting firm goals and consequences for failing to meet them, and found that “there was a lot of fear about being bold or aggressive” after No Child Left Behind.

“Ultimately this has to be about every student succeeding, so to say that one-third are going to be proficient in 10 years, the department is right to call that into question,” Mr. Alleyne said. “A lot of people thought it was just going to be a breeze. I was glad to see it was a push.”

To clarify a few things from this article.  First off, Alleyne’s two-man group at DelawareCAN did not help “draft” the plan.  The Delaware DOE wrote the plan.  Alleyne was on the ESSA Advisory Committee and some of his suggestions were incorporated into the plan.  But that does not mean he helped “draft” the plan.  As in all things with Alleyne, context matters.  As in all things committee related in Delaware, the members help to “inform” something but the actual report is “drafted” by the state agency involved with it.  Yes, it is just a word, but it speaks to Little Man Alleyne’s* feeling of self-importance.

Second, Alleyne’s definition of proficiency differs from his warped brain and pretty much the rest of Delaware.  He would have you believe the Smarter Balanced Assessment is the key to proficiency.  Which ties into teacher evaluations as the state assessment is tied to Component V of Delaware’s DPAS-II.  Guess who helped write Component V?  Yes, Little Man Alleyne*.

Finally, yes, there was a culture of fear in Delaware after No Child Left Behind.  No one in this state (except for Little Man Alleyne* obviously) wanted a return to those days.  ESSA was meant to get away from such draconian tactics.  But since Alleyne was a big believer in holding educators to the flame over faulty standardized tests, he did everything he could to make sure Delaware’s plan continued that tradition.  I was on one of the ESSA sub-committees.  I attended all the regular meetings and listened to Little Man Alleyne* babble on and on about how we were failing students and we had to get it right.

This was fresh on the heels of Alleyne interfering with legislation that would have done away with Smarter Balanced being the only assessment teachers could use for Component V.  But Little Man Alleyne* fought it and Delaware wound up with an amended bill that rendered it useless.  Take a wild guess who contributed to the crippling of that legislation?  Delaware Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting.  But she did this in her role of Superintendent of the Indian River School District.

*Some might be wondering why I wrote Little Man Alleyne so much in the article.  On social media, Alleyne wrote about how anonymous commenters on Delaware Liberal referred to him as little.  His friends quickly chimed in that Alleyne is anything but little.  I’ve met him, and yes, physically, he is very tall.  But once again, context matters.  He may be tall in stature, but he is a little man because all he wants to do is belittle and destroy.  The worst part is he uses others to assist him with his dirty work.  He would have you believe DelawareCAN is this huge education non-profit.  It is a two-man group with a board.

On another thread linking to an article in which I called Alleyne an asshole someone said “he called a black man an asshole” or something to that effect.  It is not the color of a man’s skin that makes someone an asshole.  Being an asshole is what makes you an asshole.  If I found out it was Paul Herdman from Rodel that brought down Mike Matthews the way Alleyne did, I would be calling him an asshole.  I am an equal opportunity asshole labeler.

Alleyne is a little man and an asshole because he likes to bash teachers every chance he gets.  I do agree with him that Delaware needs a more diverse pool of teachers.  We all agree on that.  But that doesn’t mean you weaken the pool of teachers we have by implementing crap like Component V.  It doesn’t mean you take down a union leader by dragging out old blog posts from a decade ago to advance your own non-profit.  It doesn’t mean you use Delaware media as your plaything to do the dirty job you won’t admit to yourself.  It doesn’t mean you either hacked your way into DSEA’s server, bought a list of teacher’s personal emails, or got someone inside DSEA to give you that list to spread your illogical thinking like you did on Friday.  It doesn’t mean your organization backs candidates on both sides of the aisle in a certain district so either way your puppet wins.  It certainly doesn’t mean you agree with Betsy DeVos on education because her background as an actual educator is non-existent.  But hey, as long as it is in alignment with your agenda, who cares, right?

Many have asked what Alleyne’s beef is against Matthews.  It dawned on me I covered that beef last year.  Alleyne convinced some of his buddies to write an online letter to the News Journal about comments Matthews made in regards to the veto of House Bill #85, which would have eliminated the 5 mile radius for charter schools.  Delaware Governor John Carney vetoed the bill because it gave an exemption to the section of Wilmington belonging to the Christina School District.  In other words, Newark Charter School didn’t want any Wilmington students coming to their school.  But Alleyne and friends, two of which were affiliated with DelawareCAN, penned the letter to attack Matthews.  By trying to turn it into an “us vs. them” thing.  The problem with the letter was a fourth party that was on the letter in the News Journal.  Salome Thomas-EL, the leader of Thomas Edison Charter School, was listed as an author but he never contributed to it whatsoever.  DelawareCAN falsely put his name on the letter without any knowledge whatsoever from him.  DelawareCAN called it an “oops” but that’s how they roll.  Just like sending that email to all those teachers last Friday was an “oops”.

Alleyne’s unjustified hatred of teachers in Delaware, specifically Mike Matthews, appears to be based on Alleyne actually believing the corporate reform drivel that has advanced his career from teacher destroyer at the Delaware DOE to becoming the Executive Director of a two-man outfit that will use anyone to get what they want.  He would have you believe he is for all Delaware schools but he has never put his name on anything that would dare to bash charter schools.  And there have been several instances where his mighty education “leadership” could have weighed in on those issues.  Yes, Alleyne wasn’t listed as an author in the online letter to the News Journal but it has his fingerprints all over it.  Matthews had just assumed the presidency role for DSEA not even two weeks before the letter.  It was meant to go after him while in his presidential infancy.

I could care less how many TedX talks Atnre has given.  That doesn’t show the ability to be a great leader.  It shows you are connected with the folks at TedX and you can get a slot in their program.

Atnre Alleyne is an asshole.  Oops, I did it again!  To read my coverage of Atnre Alleyne over the years, please follow this blue link. I’ve been bashing Alleyne before it was fashionable to do so!  You be the judge!

Editor’s note: Once again, I am fully stating that my opinions on Atnre Alleyne do not mean I endorse the comments made by Mike Matthews on his defunct blog.  But I do believe in the power of change.  Mike Matthews changed.  Atnre Alleyne has not.

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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

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