Delaware AG’s Office Refuses To Prosecute Patrick Miller For Theft Of Funds In Indian River School District. Is It Because He Is White?

Patrick Miller

Multiple sources are telling me the same thing: the Delaware Attorney General’s office will NOT arrest, indict, or press charges against former Indian River School District Chief Financial Officer Patrick Miller.  With reasons as absurd as “insufficient evidence”, this is a black eye that will severely impact the four years Matt Denn served as Delaware Attorney General.  But the only color I see in this decision is a white one.

For almost two years, Delaware citizens have wondered what will happen with Miller.  The Indian River School District audit investigation came out in November of 2016.  While the district could certainly file civil charges against Miller, they haven’t.  Heck, they couldn’t even get their money back from Indian River Volunteer Fire Company for the ATV scam and an overhead projector.

It appears true justice is only what you make of it in Delaware.  Former charter school thieves Sean Moore and Noel Rodriguez, an African-American man and a Hispanic man, both got prison time.  And that was only because the feds made the case, not the state.  Even though Miller clearly abused federal special education money by giving funding to a Boys & Girls Club, we have heard nothing.  In fact, Miller was able to get a job with the U.S. Postal Service which requires a federal background check.

It is painfully obvious deals were made.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- if Miller went down others would follow in his web of sin.  I still think Miller will get the swift hand of justice one day.  You don’t submit lists of people for tax credits that don’t qualify for it and think the feds won’t take a hard look at that.  Unless Miller is some CIA operative, which he clearly isn’t, it is just a matter of time.  But he is protected by many powerful white men and women.

I’ve laid out many theories as to how Miller got away with it.  The fact we have a Delaware Secretary of Education who had exclusive knowledge about this stuff ten years ago says a lot.  The fact Governor Carney has done nothing about that fact being laid bare to the public says even more.  The fact a legislator kept Miller on as his campaign treasurer after the Indian River investigation came out but only removed him after it was made public shows Miller’s political influence.  He is just a man.  A white man.  Protected by other white people.

The disgusting and abhorrent way many folks in power are shielding this man speaks to the festering and maggot-infested way things are done in Delaware.  We are a small state which plays in our favor at times.  But for those in power who abuse the public trust and steal money meant for kids, they are protected.  Unless they are black or Hispanic.  The white woman at Providence Creek Academy who stole funds?  No court date.  The white man from Delaware Military Academy who stole funds?  Didn’t even get a blink from the Delaware AG’s office.  The white guy from Brandywine? Got a plea bargain and no arrest (the irony this is the same Patrick Miller should speak volumes here).  The two white guys from Sussex Tech? Nada.  The black man from Family Foundations Academy? Federal jail-time.  The black woman from Family Foundations Academy who the feds couldn’t get?  She had to do community service.  The Hispanic guy from Academy of Dover? Federal jail-time.

Our legislators are asleep at the wheel.  They have the means and ability to rewrite Delaware code with these types of crimes.  They do it all the time with other laws.  But when it comes to rampant white-collar crimes involving taxpayer funds, they look the other way.  They need to get out of their own way and say “No more.  We will prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law!”  Aren’t a third of them former state troopers anyway?

When it is taxpayer funds from two of the most vital services in the state- education and safety, what does that say when we don’t give meaningful justice?  It says we don’t care and please, do it again.  And again.  And again.  We the people need to hammer our legislators like never before.  These thieves need jail time.  And folks like Miller?  The guy walks around like he has some invisible shield that allows him to pull his financial hat trick of theft, fraud, and abuse.  I honestly expected more out of Matt Denn.

As a friend told me the other day, if this were a case where an African-American woman, down on her luck, stole baby formula, she would see the inside of a jail cell.  But for a white guy like Miller, who has connections through legislators, fire companies, and God only knows who else, he walks around laughing as he plays his sadistic games.  I could honestly care less what happens in an elevator at Dover Downs, but this financial crap has to stop.  And when it shows racial bias, that makes it even uglier.

For those who think I am throwing the race card in to stir up the pot you are absolutely right.  The reason for that is because, based on history with education fund theft, stuff only happens to minorities, not the white people.

12 thoughts on “Delaware AG’s Office Refuses To Prosecute Patrick Miller For Theft Of Funds In Indian River School District. Is It Because He Is White?

  1. These financial frauds have been going on for years. Perhaps the conclusion is there are rules for charters that don’t apply to schools in the school districts. Kevin, you are just as responsible for that double standard as anyone. Where is the hue and cry to change audit firms or increase financial scrutiny of schools that don’t have charter in their title. Or close these schools


    1. Being completely real Geoff, I truly don’t care if it has charter or district in the title. Theft is theft. Both have allowed CFOs or those handling money easy access to stealing money. It is wrong no matter what kind of school it is. The audit firms that charters get for their annual audits aren’t deep enough to catch this stuff. I agree that we have to do whatever is necessary to put a stop to this. I don’t care how it is done as long as it gets done.


      1. How would you know if they are deep enough? There is a double standard, point me in the direction of legislative changes designed to reel in CFOs of the school districts. The fraud at Sussex dwarfs the rest combined yet nothing


        1. To me, fraud is fraud. There needs to be legislative changes to hold ALL Delaware schools in check. And yes, that includes CFOs of school districts. Because we now have two districts as part of the cycle of fraud and abuse charters went through a few years ago. I believe it has been going on a long time. The way schools code expenditures can vary on any given day so it is difficult to accurately see exactly where money is going. In this day and age there is absolutely no reason why every penny can’t be 100% accounted for. As well, citizens should be able to see where every cent goes no matter what. Delaware Online Checkbook doesn’t cut it anymore. We are on the same page here Geoff. You can’t go after charters and make tons of rules when some districts are doing the same thing.


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