Big Mouth AOA Leaker John Fluharty Continues To Run His Big Mouth

John Fluharty

John Fluharty.  He who suffers from that unique Delaware ailment called sitting in a job and getting paid on the taxpayer dime and doing nothing.  For someone who pretends to be a Republican, he sure does like to get involved in Democrat power games.

His latest tweet, taking a jab at State Rep. Kim Williams over the Kathy McGuiness victory last night, is filled with an assholeness that few could ever hope to have.  As I said in my retweet over the useless Fluharty:

And guess who has the biggest mouth? The guy who leaks information from the Auditor’s office and twists info to keep his job where he does nothing.

I get where Fluharty is going with this.  He is making it seem like Kathy McGuiness was Pete Schwartzkopf’s candidate and Kathleen Davies was Kim William’s candidate.  While I am definitely inclined to believe the former, the latter is far from the case.  But this is also a dig at McGuiness who will face Fluharty’s fellow GOP guy, James Spadola in November.  Fluharty is insinuating Spadola will be his own man but McGuiness will always be tied to Schwartzkopf.  Yes, Fluharty works in the same state building that just so happened to have a campaign flyer for Spadola in the lobby.

So we have a case where a washed-up guy like Fluharty, who once ran the Delaware GOP (into the ground), got his job at the Auditor of Accounts office, and before he even walked in the door he was causing trouble.  When he got to that office, you would think he would spend his time doing actual work for the office.  Nope.  He decided to work on the Donald Trump campaign.  When he wasn’t busy with that, he was finding new and creative ways to stab Kathleen Davies in the back.

It is not a state secret that Fluharty pretty much hates anyone who doesn’t fit into his twisted and sick little agendas.  He has become the Delaware poster boy for washed-up.  If you had to make a comparison, Fluharty is to Delaware politics what Patrick Miller is to handling money.  He turned the Auditor of Accounts office into his own personal little playground.  He relies on gossip and smear tactics to get what he wants.  He seems to like the attention and fancies himself as some type of Delaware hero.  You aren’t John.  You are a sad and pathetic little man.  Because you are so bitter you have lost touch with what truly matters in life.  I couldn’t begin to guess what led you down the path you are on.  But you have become Delaware’s biggest asshole in less than 24 hours.  A record by anyone’s standards.

I’m guessing Jessica Bies from the News Journal has you on speed dial because she was able to get that quote from you very fast last night after the results came out.  The one where you told Kathleen Davies to go away.  I wish you would go away.  You are like an annoying piece of gum you can’t get off the bottom of your shoe.

I’m going to give you a simple and easy set of options Fluharty.  You can publicly apologize to Kathleen Davies and admit to what you did to her.  Along with Tammy Smith and Andrena Burd.  All three of you should resign immediately from the Auditor of Accounts office for stirring the pot and leaking the very bad concoctions you made from that pot.  While you are at it, you can reveal how you worked with the News Journal’s Jessica Bies to smear Kathleen.  And while you are at it, an apology to State Rep. Kim Williams would go a long way.  When YOU go away, I won’t have anything to write about you.  Your choice Fluharty.  I will settle for nothing less.


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