Rookie PAC For DelawareCAN Breaking The Law Already!


DelawareCAN might be the new kid on the block when it comes to Political Action Committees, but they need to follow the rules when it comes to spending money on candidates or issues that aren’t within the legal limits.

Political Action Committees (PAC) can only give candidates $600. If they spend more money, it has to be spent on behalf of a candidate only through communications directly to their members.

If a PAC wants to communicate with the public in support of a candidate or issue, they must set up a THIRD-PARTY INDEPENDENT EXPENDITURE PAC. Through those PACs, the organization may not coordinate with a candidate or a candidate’s campaign.  Instead, they have the ability to do mail, digital advertising, and so forth to the wider voting public outside of their membership bases.

DelawareCAN set up their PAC earlier this summer. On their 8-day campaign finance report, dated August 22 (see below), there is a $15,000 expense to the Balduzzi Group, a digital-media firm known for doing online ad campaigns. The product of those campaigns is also below. Under current law, these types of candidate-advocacy ads are illegal under a standard PAC. The $15,000 expense should have a been filed as a third party advertisement, reporting the expense to inform the public that they are working on behalf of these candidates and NOT going over the $600 limit. Otherwise, as it currently stands, with the ads and NO report, all the candidates they have ads for would have to reimburse DelawareCAN the cost of the advertisement.

A Democrat 22nd State Rep. District candidate, Guillermina Gonzalez, has written publicly about how she isn’t taking any money from special interests or PACs, but DelawareCAN is illegally doing advocacy for her and others without filing the appropriate third-party paperwork.

Hello, Department of Elections!

Facebook message from Atnre Alleyne commencing in 10.. 9.. 8.. 7..

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