The Melting Students And Teachers Of Delcastle Technical High School

Students and staff at Delcastle Technical High School in the New Castle County Vo-Tech School District have been sitting in classrooms with unbearable heat for over a week.  But the district is refusing to fix the real problem.

When students returned to school on August 27th, it was hot as Hades in the school.  Because of that, students were given a half day on August 28th.  The district claimed they needed a part and it was fixed.  But it wasn’t fixed and students and staff are suffering as a result.  Students have not been allowed to leave early since the district announced they “fixed” the issue.

When the problem wasn’t fixed by August 30th, the students had a four-day weekend.  As of today, September 4th there is still no air-conditioning at Delcastle High School.  So aside from the air-conditioning unit obviously not working, what is the major malfunction?

The district doesn’t want to pay for the repairs to the machine.  Sources say the machine is ancient.  The district is actually waiting until cooler weather arrives.  With temperatures forecasted to remain in the 80s and up into the latter part of next week, along with humidity and the accompanying higher heat index, the students and staff feel like they are in a broiler oven.  And then there is that thing that happens EVERY YEAR called Indian Summer, the last burst of warm weather before it does finally cool down in October.  A month from now.

As their children are sweating through school, parents are fuming.  They don’t understand why their kids have to suffer while Howard High School gets tons of money poured into it for crown molding.  Of course, some folks think it is okay for students in the 21st Century to sit in conditions like this.  But in a 50-year-old building, in a school district that generally gets more money than most districts, it is unacceptable.  Are the folks in the district office making these decisions in the same conditions?  Yeah, we all know that answer!

UPDATED, 11:31am, 9/6: Apparently the school let the air conditioning unit run all night to cool down the building.  It had no change and students and staff are still operating in unbearable heat.  Send the kids home, buy a new A/C unit, and open the school back up when the building is at normal levels!

UPDATED, 6:10pm, 9/6: There is no school for students tomorrow due to the Delaware Primary but teachers have a Professional Development Day.  Multiple reports indicate the first floor is tolerable but the second and third floors are scorching hot.  Every year, when teachers come in before students for the district, they go to Delcastle.  But this year they went to Howard High School of Technology which was just refurbished and renovated.  Many sources have talked about the insane amount of money the district spent on crown molding.  Meanwhile, Delcastle students and staff feel like they stepped into a sauna.  Which is ok on a cold Winter day for a little while.  But not in the Summer.

Commenters on social media have said the kids should just suck it up.  One said the problem is very expensive and isn’t a one-day fix.  I responded that the district should have tested the unit out over the summer to see how it was working.  That should be standard protocol in all Delaware schools when students aren’t there.  You don’t start running it the first day students get back and hope and pray it works.  Having worked in a warehouse with no air-conditioning, I can relate to the denizens of Delcastle High!

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Kevin Ohlandt

I am a proud parent of a son with Tourette's Syndrome and several other co-morbidities. I write on this blog to educate other parents so they know a bit more about not only special education, but all the really bad things that are happening with public schools in Delaware and the USA. We are all in this together, and if our children aren't able to advocate for themselves it's up to us parents! We need to stop letting companies run our schools, and demand our children get a proper education. Our Departments of Education in our states have become weak with fear from the bullying US DOE, and we need to take back our schools!

12 thoughts on “The Melting Students And Teachers Of Delcastle Technical High School”

  1. You know what’s worse?? Last year instead of fixing the bathroom stalls they spend their money on..wait for it…A FOUNTAIN THEY DONT EVEN USE. This school is sooo cheap. In one of my classes we had to sit in the HALLWAY because the room was too hot.
    ~ delcastle student


  2. “Are the folks in the district office making these decisions in the same conditions? Yeah, we all know that answer!”
    I believe whomever wrote this article is wrong. If I recall correctly (I am an alumni) the district office is IN Delcastle itself, in the area just before the auditorium. Unless thats changed in the 4+ years since I’ve been there or just that the D.O. has a new A/C unit than the rest of the school, the people in the D.O. do sit in that very same heat.


    1. Jamie, you are half right. Yes, the district office is attached to the auditorium. But they have a separate unit that is, indeed, working. Which makes this even harder to understand since they can probably see the sweat-drenched students and teachers.


  3. With the primaries being on Friday, curious to see if any of them step up and push the district to do something. Kids and staff shouldn’t be in school in that heat simply because it’s not productive. Sure they can deal with it but Why should they? Has anyone asked for window unit donations? Is that even an option?


  4. Kids in the 60’s and 70’s didn’t have A/C and window’s weren’t aloud to be opened so we all suffered the heat… Stick together and protest outside… But you know if you did that you’re only gonna have to make up the days over winter vacation or at some other time.


  5. Kevin, you’re on point, this is also a health issue for many people. However, I can’t get past the “50 year old” line. How in the world did MY alma mater become 50 years old? I remember when it was the shiny new penny!!!


  6. Ask Renee Tashner, she is on the board and now wants to double dip (3X?) on top of a NCC police pension as a St Rep for district 22. She saw no problem with the carpentry shop teacher hijacking his students to make (for profit) a parking lot full of pizza ovens instead of the vocational education they signed uo for. Child labor? Guys like Asst Principal Kittel know nothing about the trades, but make $125,000, not managing the trades in A wing. Some very good teachers there, but when they sense no oversight???


  7. I haven’t heard a word about all the cafeteria workers in all 4 NCCVotech schools that work with NO AIR CONDITIONING EVER!!! The heat in the kitchens are unbearable, with sweat pouring off of the workers….wow that’s really healthy! No huge fans, just heat above 100* for days on end, while they are serving food to the students and staff…does anybody really care about them or is it just the students and teachers complaining its hot for maybe a day or two….really….get a/c in the kitchens too!!!


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