Guillermina Gonzales Just Knocked Herself Out Of The Race With Her Anti-Delaware Schools Rant!

Guillermina Gonzales

I think it is safe to say Renee Taschner will win the 22nd State Representative Democrat primary.  Her opponent , Guillermina Gonzales, sent out a mailer bashing Delaware schools and the teachers union.

You shouldn’t need to send your children to private schools or move to Pennsylvania for them to get a good education.

I’m not going to sit here and say Delaware schools don’t have issues.  But this tacit verbiage in a campaign mailer by a Democrat is not going to please voters!  So she is basically saying ALL Delaware schools, except for private schools, suck.  Even charter schools!  Her anti-union stance is certainly not going to win DSEA votes!  I can’t imagine the many charter school supporters in her neck of the woods will appreciate it either!  So if all Delaware schools suck, is she a Betsy DeVos supporter?  Would she join the Delaware Republicans who want school vouchers?  Hell, even Joe Miro supported public schools.  Ugh.

I’m not beholden to the teachers union or any other special interest groups.

Doesn’t sound like you are beholden to very much Ms. Gonzales.  But then I read this part:

As a professor I know how important high quality teachers are and I’ve heard over and over from voters in this district how much room there is to improve in Delaware.

Would any of those voters happen to belong to DelawareCAN?  Because I see your endorsement from the DelawareCAN Action Fund.  They also endorsed a Republican in the 22nd primary as well, Michael Smith.  He of the failed Pike Creek Charter School from 2014.  DelawareCAN happens to be anti-union and promotes the “high quality teachers” game while putting down so many of our actual high quality teachers in Delaware.  Running on a corporate education reform policy is bad mojo in Delaware.  Maybe that will work in the Pike Creek area but I tend to doubt it.



One thought on “Guillermina Gonzales Just Knocked Herself Out Of The Race With Her Anti-Delaware Schools Rant!

  1. Hi. I know this is a late reply to this post but I haven’t been keeping up with my email. I worked closely with Guillermina Gonzales for many years on the Delaware Arts Alliance, specifically on the Education Committee (LEAD). One charge to the committee was to seek legislative awareness and support for having certified arts educators in every public school in the state. We had candidate forums during election time, personal meetings with legislators, and displayed student work in Legislative Hall, just to list a few activities. I am a retired DE public school art educator (32 years!) Guillermina never expressed anything but admiration for the work public school teachers do, under sometimes less than ideal circumstances. She would seek to improve the circumstances. Unfortunately her campaign literature does not reflect this ( I’m not in her district- your post is the first time I’ve seen this flyer) And I guess she did not respond to your request for info (which surprises me- it’s not like her to miss an opportunity to put forth her ideas). Not sure how the Guillermina I know got her ideas so misrepresented in this election. That said, keep on with your reporting !!


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