Candidate Message: Ken Woods, New Castle County Councilman, 1st District, Democrat

Ken Woods

Next up in the Candidate Message series is Ken Woods, running for New Castle County Councilman.  Woods is the incumbent in this race against Democrat Jordyn Pusey for the Primary, next Thursday, September 6th.  Whoever wins this takes the seat!

I am seeking re-election to my home district for three reasons: continue my fight for job creation, funding for public safety and critical county services such as libraries and emergency personnel and being a watchdog with your county tax dollars.

New Castle County can no longer afford to be hostile to responsible business growth and economic development.  Our state’s landscape has changed drastically and once thriving automobile plants and steel facilities and chemical manufacturing gates have closed their doors.  A new set of opportunities arises in hopes of turning industrial sites that lay fallow into vibrant hubs for good paying jobs, however, we need to ensure someone stands up in this important legislative body as a voice of common sense and reason in this policy area. We need jobs.  Jobs are the greatest social program and remedy for a host of societal ills.  I will continue to advocate for projects which promote good paying jobs with health care and pensions in all industries to ensure a better tomorrow for all of our families.

In addition, I firmly believe that keeping a strong department of public safety and educational services are remedies for crime prevention.  Our police and emergency responders are among the best and brightest in the nation – second to none.  Ask any of our proud county personnel in uniform about my record of support for public safety!  I take great pride in fighting for funding of advanced technology, special tactical requests, and neighborhood rapid response teams to protect our most vulnerable citizens. Equally, I took on those who suggested we close our library and secured reinstatement of library services for our district and enhanced funding for community centers.  Crime prevention takes many forms and providing recreational and educational opportunities to children is imperative in today’s world.  As a parent and son, I get it.

Finally, we need leaders who force government to do more with less.  People work hard for their money.  Senior Citizens on fixed incomes are often trapped between choosing to pay for prescription drugs or food.  My district is a blue collar and hardworking district.  Constituents in my neighborhoods demand their local county representative treat the county coffers like their own.  Prioritize the needs, cut when necessary, set goals and quantifiable objectives. do more with less and hold people accountable for their actions.  I voted against raising taxes because some things are worth losing an election over and irresponsible spending is one of them.  We need to continue to hold the line on new taxes and sow seeds for a new business climate in our largest county to produce new revenue, jobs and opportunity for our residents.

Thank you for providing me this forum to share my views on county government and I ask for your vote on Thursday, September 6th to continue my work in public service.

Ken Woods 1st District New Castle County Councilman

Facebook: @kenwoods4countycouncil


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