Breaking News: Dave Wilson Gets A Dem Challenger For Senate District 18!

Jim Purcell

Jim Purcell, a Democrat from Milford, filed today to run against current State Representative David Wilson for the 18th Senate District seat.

Purcell is best known for leading Communities In Schools from 2005-2017 as their President and Chief Executive Officer.  Currently, Purcell is the Director of Business Development at Dover Behavioral Health.

Wilson shocked the Republican establishment in Delaware when he announced he would not run for State Representative but would instead run for Senator Gary Simpson’s seat.  Simpson wanted to announce his retirement on his own terms but Wilson jumped the gun with his announcement.

For Wilson’s 35th Rep. District seat, Republicans Jesse Vanderwende and Robert “Bobby” Mitchell are facing off next Thursday in the Delaware Primary.

Many political watchers in Delaware were baffled when no one challenged Wilson for a Senate seat.  Two weeks ago, the Delaware Democrats put a challenger up against State Senator Colin Bonini.  It looks like Wilson won’t get such an easy ride to the Delaware Senate now!


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