Why Is Rep. Smyk Sticking Up For The Poster Child For Delaware Fraud, Patrick Miller?

DE State Rep Stephen Smyk

When you have family in the same fire company as Patrick Miller, the fraud/theft king of Delaware, your perspective might be a bit off.  For State Representative Stephen Smyk, he might as well give up his seat in the House chamber to Patrick Miller after what he said on the radio this morning!

On the Mike Bradley Show on WGMD this morning, both Smyk and State Senator Brian Pettyjohn talked about Patrick Miller.  Bradley said he received many emails recently from listeners about Miller and that he has never been prosecuted for his theft of funds at Indian River School District.  As well, Bradley got emails about how Miller is the President of Indian River Volunteer Fire Company and is continuing the same behaviors there.  Pettyjohn stated he sent a letter to the Delaware Attorney General about this mess but hasn’t received a reply.  But Smyk…

Smyk quickly shifted the subject to Sussex Tech.  He also said that because the Attorney General’s office isn’t saying anything it doesn’t mean there was a crime committed.  He said it could just be poor judgment and a lack of ethics and not necessarily a criminal matter.  Oh really Rep. Smyk!  Is that because of your familial ties to the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company?  I can’t speak for you, but if I were in your shoes I would just come out and say “I have family that works with Smyk at the fire company so I’m not going to say anything about this“.  Instead, you diverted from the topic and downplayed what Miller did and is still doing at the same fire company where your family volunteers!  In the General Assembly, if a legislator has some type of conflict of interest with a bill, they abstain.  He should have done the same thing here.  Instead he looks like Darth Vader to Emperor Patrick Miller.

Bradley brought up how the Attorney General’s office stopped the Auditor of Accounts office from releasing the audit investigation in August of 2016.  It wound up being released in November, 2016, days before the Indian River referendum.  Bradley said he doesn’t know if it is a conspiracy but something is going on.  Smyk, on air, said Wagner’s office has to deal with being understaffed.  I would think, with an understaffed office, a report would come out when it is done.  We know the Attorney General’s office never indicted Miller based on the list provided to me by them two weeks ago.  So it was not a question of holding off the report to continue an investigation.

Smyk obviously didn’t want to talk about Miller.  By shifting the conversation to lack of staffing at the AG and AOA offices, it shows he doesn’t have a grasp on the enormity of this issue.  I’m just putting this out there.  If Smyk can’t handle a radio show on this issue, has he been running interference for Miller?  A guy like Miller, who has stolen money from state agencies since Bill Clinton was President, should not be able to get away with this for so long without protection.  Someone or even many are protecting him.  You are now on my list of suspects Stephen Smyk!

How the hell does a guy like Patrick Miller get so many to carry water for him?  Smyk, Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting, Leolga Wright, Charles Bireley, Mario Street, Tom Wagner, the Attorney General’s office, and on and on.  As more and more people learn about Patrick Miller and what he did, many wonder if there was some type of deal struck with him in the Indian River School District situation.  Which would come at a state level.  But what would Miller have possibly offered up in return?  Deals aren’t made unless both parties get something out of it.

Until Patrick Miller stands before a judge for his CRIMINAL actions, the citizens of Delaware sit and wonder how corrupt our little state is.  Miller has now become the poster child for fraud and corruption in Delaware.

Meanwhile, more than four weeks after I broke the news how Secretary of Education Dr. Susan Bunting knew about Miller’s shenanigans in Indian River while she was Superintendent, Governor Carney has done NOTHING about that.  I guess if there was a deal with Miller where he wouldn’t talk he thinks his beloved Secretary is in the clear.  Think again Carney!

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